Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Finally, my final resolution of 2014 lay broken. Took me 16/52 weeks to miss one of my weekly favourites post. But as with my gym schedule and bringing good attitude to the table, I can always start again today and maybe even make up for it (Probably not the good attitude part.)


Here are two weeks worth of my frock flaunted, food-filled, friendly, fascinating and found.


Favourite Frock: The best I could do on a work night for the Japanese themed Kirin Ichiban launch in KL. 

Oriental Flower Print Dress: Angel Biba
Green and Purple Stone Earrings: Monet
Cobalt Raw Silk Clutch: Russian Market, Cambodia.
Cat Fur Covered Suede-ish Platform Pumps: Tangs

Favourite Food: Tuna Steak at Ril's Bangsar. 

Think the only thing I miss about meat meat steak steak is saying,"Rare enough to bleed," to the waiter. #pescetarian

Favourite Friend(s): Always good to bump into familiar faces at events!
Kea, Evelyn, Weena, Loreal and Lisha were all mini-kimono clad ambassadors for the Kirin Ichiban launch by GAB in Zebra Square.

It's a definite must try, I'd say!
It is Japan's No 1 100% Malt Beer, afterall. 

The Mont Blanc Limited Edition 888 as a tribute to H.E Steinway.

Favourite Fascination: That a pen can cost RM31,000 with a cap made out of 750 solid gold. I can mentally justify it as a reasonable art investment but definitely not as a writing instrument.

Favourite Find: Blooming flowers in pasta jars in my closet room.

WEEK 17/52 

Favourite Frock: Getting 3 inches lopped off after The Met's 2015 campaign photo shoot has renewed my love for my tresses. It's nice really long but it's also kinda nice to be able to fit it all in a selfie sometimes.

Definitely a follicle frock favourite clothes-are-just-so-I'm-not-naked kind of week :)

Favourite Food(s): The Vegetable chick pea burger at Fru-T-Pop is like the best. Broke my 7 day raw vegan fast with it in Jan and it still tastes as good now!

This 100% fruit popsicle vendor/eatery hidden in Hartamas just awes me sometimes. A cake was on available that day and you wouldn't believe....

..It was organic. 
Moist, dense, fragrantly sweet cake with creamy coconut icing topped with fresh passion fruit. Totally warranted an additional cheat image for my favourite food.

*dies of deliciousness*

Favourite Friend: chichongcheng. lol
 Knowing we've been 'favourite friends' for 4 years this Oct kind of leaves me dumb founded. Where does the time go?

Favourite Fascination: Glamorously green digits.

Fingernail - OPI, Don't Mess with the OPI
Toes - Revlon, Rain Forest

Can't a girl get something.. BIGGER? ;)

Favourite Find: My big, new 2" barrel VG Pro curling wand for my new shorter long hair. The smaller and ugly 1.25" Babyliss Pro below has served me a good 6 years btw and I hope this VG will be equally as hardy *fingers crossed*

Won't miss next week, I promise! 

Pillowtalk Bolster

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