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Friday, March 14, 2014

More sports wear! More sports wear!
Said Me, never?
But still, I enjoyed the pseudo sportswear for the Stuff Malaysia January 2014 spread.

Case in point, an dress under a skirt so tiny they taped it to me.

Oh yeah. Golfers porn right here - The GolfSense 3D Motion Sensor that is ;)

Feel's quite strange sort of self promoting actually after being busy promoting and representing an actual brand for 2 years now....

But I guess it's kinda like riding a bike? :P

They almost cropped me out of the shot to make the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC more prominent but guess our compromise of me holding it worked out.

Images by: Esmond Goh for Stuff Magazine Jan 2014   I   Styling by: Calvin Cheong   I    Make Up by: Jenying

And I guess at the end of the day, everything has a way of working itself out.
As the Mio Alpha I'm wearing here does for you when you need your exercise data *wink wink*

My Stuff cover shot and 2013 Readers Choice Awards spread can be found here :)

Think I'm starting to miss Photoshop more than photoshoots haha :)

And thanks for stopping by to view my once shoot/poetry filled blog. I hope everyone knows I didn't abandon it, nor my readers when I disappeared for a year. But as in life, it moves on and I did restart my 52 Week Project this year just to keep it updated weekly. I may even start writing again soon, though I'm sure people don't quite miss that. But I miss that and guess it's going to be like the old days in blogging when dial up was too slow for pictures and we read instead. *smiles and shrugs* 

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