STUFF MALAYSIA: Pick Me Up! (Updated Images)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ola, Pillowtalkers.
It feels kinda strange saying this. but feel free to pick me up! :)

Brigette Liberty Yu for Stuff Malaysia Cover, January 2014.

How did I get on the cover, you didn't ask?

Well, I hosted Stuff's Anniversary 'Olymbid' Party at the end of 2012 together with Jeremy from RED.FM

It was an Olympic award ceremony themed night of sporty fashion shows and titles to be won by the best companies and services in the tech industry.

Me, Nigel, the editor of Stuff Malaysia and Jeremy reading out the winners.

Johnnie Walker was a sponsor so needless to say, it was pretty fun for everyone.

 Thus, I was asked if I wanted a write up as an emcee in an issue.
Already working full time out of the industry, I though it wouldn't be a highlight for me to self promote my side work. So cheekily, I asked for the cover instead. 

And a year later, I was lucky enough to get it :)

Thanks STUFF MALAYSIA for allowing me to grace your covers, especially since there rarely are clients asking for Asian models. 'Retired' Asian model turn emcee then super car marketeer, at that .


So please support if you'd like to check it out :)
As a sneak peak of the STUFF MALAYSIA Readers Choice Awards, the best phone of the year goes to...

..ah, I see. Haha.
*glaces at Iphone 5*


I am currently chillin' at most news stands in Malaysia.
See you soon? :)

**** UPDATE ****

Here are the images from the Stuff Malaysia 2013 Readers Choice Awards.

Click here for the additional spread I was featured in for Stuff January 2014.
In all my years modelling, I had never done a shoot in sportswear quite like it :P

Pillowtalk Bolster

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