Muscle Memory: Last Post of the Scarcely Post Populated 2014.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I often forget,
the heart is a muscle too.

My 2014 blog project of  '52 Weeks: A Picture of My Favourite Things Once a
Week, Every Week in 2014'
made it to 17 Weeks before being side railed :(

I'm rather disappointed in myself because I knew I could continue where I left off after missing 3 weeks. But instead, I got overwhelmed trying to figure out how to catch up on the missed posts and ended up not being able to move forward with anything at all. Which is sad because I wanted to revert Pillowtalkpromises to what I loved about it - A personal scrapbook of memories and thoughts, instead of the 'billboard' I took to the bank before realizing how much I grew to dislike writing online.

But enough with the failed project pity party.
It's the last day of the year, and we should focus on what we've accomplished instead of what we haven't (yet.) Here's what I managed to cross of my list:

5 Resolutions I Didn't Fcuk Up in 2014.

1) Eat Healthfully.

Been very pro-alkaline foods since working through lunches lead to a near stomach hole from gastric.
So the enzymes from fresh produce is something I try to get more of.

And this year I can definitely say that I've never drank more juice or eaten more beautiful raw vegetables in my life.

Even managed to go raw vegan for 7 days and do regular juice fasts, something I could never dream of doing previously because it meant giving up stimulants and depressants i.e coffee and alcohol. 

But everything is impossible until it's done, isn't it :)

2) Climb Mont Kinabalu.

Seriously? I know right. 
It was the pipe dream of a weekly gym runner whose Buddums was forming a group to brave Kinabalu via Mesilau, the longer route.

I'm the freezing/starving/sleepless lil' pink blob admiring the view 13,435 ft above sea level.

And I powered through it as proof (to myself, at least) that one step at a time can really get you somewhere.

3) Be More Self Accepting

The journey for self acceptance isn't smooth ride, for anyone I imagine.

And it's hard to truly care for anything else without first caring for yourself.
Yet you can't learn to love what you are without knowing, at the very least, your sense of self.

(Road signs, you know, relevant to the journey of life.)

This year, I've been consciously coming to terms with who I was, who I am and who I'm going to be.

Apparently, that makes my perspective of life is very 'zen monk-ish.'

But hey, for the first time I'm quite happy for no reason. Which is an achievement when you've been raised to believe if you aren't suffering constantly that you're simply not working hard enough.

The struggle is real.

4) Jump Off a Cliff and Not Die.

I was meant to do go bunjee jumping last year but decided against it due to the effects it could have on your spine, falling head first. 

Then Dimps told me about the biggest Canyon Swing in New Zealand where you fall in a seated position, and I had my heart set!

Liked it so much that we jumped twice and I brought my camera to next-level selfie within the canyon.

Out of focus, adrenaline high.
Bucket List Item 6 - Check.

5) Find a Home.

Some little girls dream of their wedding day.
I just dreamt of having my own home.

Here is a picture I got for Xmas/Birthday to put in my biggest present ever - A studio duplex!
*heart*heart*heart* :')
Super grateful to have a partner who made my little girl dream come true before I managed to myself. 
Renovation in progress and moving early next year.

Can't say it wasn't a great year, even if I didn't manage to do all I hoped to.
In case you were wondering (and to remind myself,) here is what I hope to get done next year/after tomorrow.

5 Rememberlutions I Will Try Not To Forget in 2015

1) Learn to Drive (Suprise! I'm like MyTeksi's No.1 Client)
2) Make More Time for Friends
3) Pick up Yoga (Again)
4) Commit to a 10 Day Silence Retreat (Dreading this immensely)
5) Do Something I Never Thought I'd Be Able to Do

Happy New Year celebrations, loves!
Would love to hear what you managed to get done and what resolutions for this brand spanking year?

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SHOOT: Shadows of Youth Past with Dennis LHY (Pt2/3)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My family moved out of the childhood home I've sleepwalked in, since moving to Malaysia at 5, recently. By family I mean my mother, seeing as everyone else with my same DNA and dry humor are scattered across the sea. I didn't think much of the old place. I just lived there, after all; as children do. And frankly, I could not get away from it fast enough.

But now, I'm suddenly struck by how I can't go back, 
even if I wanted to.

Shot by Dennis LHY Photography

Why we need keepsakes aside from memory are beyond me.

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SHOOT: Shadows of Youth Past with Dennis LHY (Pt1/3)

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Being back where I started, startles.

Everything feels faded, as if
Sleeping in the shadow of its former self.

Where I couldn't be, I could only leave,

And suddenly, the sinks too low, the stairs too narrow;
when did this room get so small?

Idle days smudge together to the drip of dial up

 Each childhood memory an etch-a-sketch, 
unrecognisable to the next.

Time, he blankets what I can't recall.

Still, there's something to say of this hollowed out shell
where I don't live any more.

Location: My childhood home

Shadows of Youth Past (Pt2/3) - Coming Soon

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Finally, my final resolution of 2014 lay broken. Took me 16/52 weeks to miss one of my weekly favourites post. But as with my gym schedule and bringing good attitude to the table, I can always start again today and maybe even make up for it (Probably not the good attitude part.)


Here are two weeks worth of my frock flaunted, food-filled, friendly, fascinating and found.


Favourite Frock: The best I could do on a work night for the Japanese themed Kirin Ichiban launch in KL. 

Oriental Flower Print Dress: Angel Biba
Green and Purple Stone Earrings: Monet
Cobalt Raw Silk Clutch: Russian Market, Cambodia.
Cat Fur Covered Suede-ish Platform Pumps: Tangs

Favourite Food: Tuna Steak at Ril's Bangsar. 

Think the only thing I miss about meat meat steak steak is saying,"Rare enough to bleed," to the waiter. #pescetarian

Favourite Friend(s): Always good to bump into familiar faces at events!
Kea, Evelyn, Weena, Loreal and Lisha were all mini-kimono clad ambassadors for the Kirin Ichiban launch by GAB in Zebra Square.

It's a definite must try, I'd say!
It is Japan's No 1 100% Malt Beer, afterall. 

The Mont Blanc Limited Edition 888 as a tribute to H.E Steinway.

Favourite Fascination: That a pen can cost RM31,000 with a cap made out of 750 solid gold. I can mentally justify it as a reasonable art investment but definitely not as a writing instrument.

Favourite Find: Blooming flowers in pasta jars in my closet room.

WEEK 17/52 

Favourite Frock: Getting 3 inches lopped off after The Met's 2015 campaign photo shoot has renewed my love for my tresses. It's nice really long but it's also kinda nice to be able to fit it all in a selfie sometimes.

Definitely a follicle frock favourite clothes-are-just-so-I'm-not-naked kind of week :)

Favourite Food(s): The Vegetable chick pea burger at Fru-T-Pop is like the best. Broke my 7 day raw vegan fast with it in Jan and it still tastes as good now!

This 100% fruit popsicle vendor/eatery hidden in Hartamas just awes me sometimes. A cake was on available that day and you wouldn't believe....

..It was organic. 
Moist, dense, fragrantly sweet cake with creamy coconut icing topped with fresh passion fruit. Totally warranted an additional cheat image for my favourite food.

*dies of deliciousness*

Favourite Friend: chichongcheng. lol
 Knowing we've been 'favourite friends' for 4 years this Oct kind of leaves me dumb founded. Where does the time go?

Favourite Fascination: Glamorously green digits.

Fingernail - OPI, Don't Mess with the OPI
Toes - Revlon, Rain Forest

Can't a girl get something.. BIGGER? ;)

Favourite Find: My big, new 2" barrel VG Pro curling wand for my new shorter long hair. The smaller and ugly 1.25" Babyliss Pro below has served me a good 6 years btw and I hope this VG will be equally as hardy *fingers crossed*

Won't miss next week, I promise! 

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Friday, April 18, 2014


Brought my mom to Phuket for her 60th birthday, which happened to fall on the same day as the Thai New Year water festival, Songkran. Here are this weeks favourites, island edition.

Favourite Frock: This Caged Bralette from Cynthia's blog shop (TANKSFOR5) is my current go to innerwear for exposed tops. It just adds so much bad-ass-ery, especially at a beach during a water festival where people generally target girls for wet T shirt thrills.

Nice try, guy who shot me with a giant water gun then water bottle.
Nice try.

Favourite Food: Yam Woonsen Talay and Moo Sub/Glass Noodles Seafood and Pork Salad in super spicy sauce at Baba Soul Food, Sri PanwaPescatarians like me order dishes like this, meat always on the side, for someone else to enjoy. 

Favourite Friend: My mother, 60 years young and I. (25, if you were wondering.)

Glad that we have a relationship now after years without for whatever reasons we've managed to move past because we both decided to be the bigger person. Glad to be able to share these memories with you - Happy birthday!

Favourite Fascination: PILLOWSPRAYS, why have I never heard of you? 
*grabs 10 in Thai Lemongrass and Wild Mint* I will sleep in a spa like trance from today.
Whole salers, Lemongrass, Bang Tao, I will be back.

Favourite Find: A little swing fashioned out of bark at the furthest end of Kamala Beach, past Novotel, under the shade of a giant tree.

How lucky was I to find you.

Kamala beach was lovely and I'm eyeing Surin beach for my next Phuket escapade. Was at Cape Panwa for a wedding last year and Dimps and I did Mai Khao in 2011. You can view the pictures here if fancy strikes you : ) Part 1, Part 2.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014


"I'm the 1 on the right, Mom. Yes, that's me...."

Favourite Frock: It would be Khoon Hooi's delicious dress, but with the bee hive I'm sporting in this behind the scenes shot of my hair sponsors next ad campaign, the top of my head usurps the crown-ing glory of follicle flock. 

Favourite Food: Finally went to Burger Lab for a tofu burger (Note: There was a que to the door even on a weekday in the down pour!)

Favourite Friend: Buddums, Mister David Yeow, agreed to be one of my 'bridesmaid' should I ever decide marriage is for me. Favourite friend of the week spot came complimentary. 

Favourite Fascination: How it didn't even feel like I was in Langkawi going up the SkyCab on my work recce trip last weekend. Malaysians, the island cable car isn't a tourist gimmick at all and I recommend it highly.

Favourite Find: Found out a model gf, Lu Xanne, just started an jewellery FB page called Elxa. How could I resist supporting a friend? 

#selfjustification #womenrationalizations :)

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