The Met & Me: My Longest Relationship.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

While on slave/bridesmaid duties for Michie last year, 
I started to reflect on my own relationship..

(John + Adorb Newlyweds Mr and Mrs Ng + Me!)

..with something I've kept for a very long time.

Of course, I'm referring to.. bellybutton length hair :)

If you like wedding porn, check out Michelle's beautiful Tiffany Blue dream ROM here!

I almost can't believe I FINALLY grew it out after years of whining how it would never.
I attribute the success mostly to Patience and The Met, KL!

 photo 44963_439187171726_16588096726_5796325_5089118_n.jpg

The days of going to any neighbourhood hair salon thinking all cuts and colors are similar are over once you get your dead hair swept off your feet by professionals!


When I first went to The Met, KL almost 1.5 years ago, I asked them to keep me amused with my current style, so I wont be tempted to chop it every time I felt bored of my look.

Thus with them, I've been matte olive brunette, black forest purple and then settled into a blonde highlight heaven to make me look fairer!

(Sorry for lack of accurate color due to past photo filtering on my Iphone!)

So for my hairs 1st year anniversary of being in an exclusive relationship with The Met KL,
I felt it was finally time to let my follicle frock speak for itself and go...

 photo met1_zps195e7858.jpg


 photo met4_zps9795dfb3.jpg


 photo met3_zps4c9ccef5.jpg


 photo met5_zps3baf938e.jpg

(Freshly blown hair, by like 3 people at once! Who said relationships are boring!)

Long colored hair is lovely, but it can look a little dry if you don't treat it regularly.
Darker tones helps long locks look more lustrous, somehow #hairscience

If only I had the time to do REDKEN Chemistry Treatment monthly :(

 photo met2_zps6a22669a.jpg

Then as per usual,  Alex gave me a through and true trim that has allowed my hair to finally grow to it's full glory :)

 photo met6_zps41f5761b.jpg

When you tell him to just trim the splits with No length change, that's what he really gives you, unlike other scissor happy stylists. If your stylist does not make mistakes they wont 'accidentally' take off more than requested :)


I faithfully leave my hair in the hands of Emil & Alex, while Teng handles my ever changing hues.
However, they have other good stylists and to check out their latest, I was cordially invited to their grad show (The Met does not have any Junior Stylists) @ Papparazzi, SS2 Mall.

 photo papa12_zpsca9dfea5.jpg

Hosted by another loyal The Met client, SerenaC!

 photo papa6_zps6821baa8.jpg

And here she is interviewing Heven and Wayne, graduating The Met stylists, on her hairs behalf.
Hey, a woman's hair is not something you want to mess with!

 photo papa7_zpsff4b5907.jpg

I didn't manage to shoot the shoot the full show but here is a snap of my favourite model and also of their live demonstrations.

 photo papa4_zpscd84d26e.jpg
Avant Garde love.

And of course, The Met family portrait, post show.

 photo papa10_zpsfb093589.jpg

(It's a little scary how almost everyone in this picture has had contact with my scalp lol)


It was nice being included in one of their private events.
It's reached a point that I really don't see myself getting my hair managed anywhere else after I found them.
It's like I found my hair soulmates *crazy eyes*

Anyhow, here are the people who have officially been the longest relationship with my finally long tresses.

 photo papa2_zps19a14c74.jpg

(Award Winning The Met Stylists Emil + Alex)

Thanks a bunch boys!

P.S - Here's my latest past time, made possible by you :)

Check out their two locations at Park Royal, KL @ Hock Choon Terrace, Ampang!

Price range depends on a lot of things but I can assure you it is well worth it :)

Call for enquiries or appointment
 03 21481111.

Pillowtalk Bolster

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