Night Out@ THIRST 2012: What I Liked Aside from the Music.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As a partially retired raver who has been at it since before it was legal, I am more than aware that the pictures mean nothing to no one but those in it. 
So here is a list of what I liked at Heineken THIRST 2012 at Sepang instead :)


1. ..Having a Heinekabana right next to the stage.


2. ..Not looking out of place with somewhat sensible shoes.


3. ...Getting pelted with giant glowing balls. Multiple ;)


4. ...Never getting lost with all the landmarks about and even eating sushi under it.


5. ...Lastly, taking literal tree-killing showers :) 



So those were 5 things I liked on top of great music and friends at every corner.
But I did NOT like having nothing to drink (Beer, me no likey) and was so bored in my sobriety that by 1am I had to take a power nap in the cabana on Dimps shoulder to recharge.

Me and my pre-packed public human pillow.


How did I sleep right next to the stage with Avicii spinning, you ask?
Booming bass and blinding music has nothing on my low attention span.

Hope everyone had a great time!
See you next year :))))

Pillowtalk Bolster

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