KISS ME: I got stuck with Glamorous, again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I know you have all seen KISS ME lashes in Malaysia by now.
So, here is the shoot I did for them hyping their 'Glamorous' look.
Somehow, I always get picked for that role.
Guess it's just seems very me.

Love how elongated the KISS ME lashes make my eyes appear.
Really compliments Asian eyelids!

Big hair is adds almost as much to being glamorous as having someone to painstakingly fan you with a reflector to achieve it.


But really, who defines what is Glamor anyway?

Glamor has never been a Style to me, it is a Personality.
To know how to carry oneself in any situation, uncompromisingly, and being innately inaccessible with your non-herd individualism ;
That in its exclusiveness creates the allure that is Glamor.
Well, to me at least.

The luscious KISS ME Rich #02 eye lashes help too, admittedly ;)

If you LIKE my look, help VOTE it below for the 'KISS ME MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL' sorta contest thing

(They told me there was no contest when I shot for them. 
Bummer huh :/
I actively do NOT do contests and strain my readers/friends for no reason because this is not my job. I earn money just like the rest of you 9-5-ers who hate being spammed incessantly to vote for inane contests every day, so sorry y'all!)

However, It's simple and very sweet of you if you'd like to help hype my look. 
Just click my picture then click VOTE in my page. 
Thanks in advance to those who do :))))

I'm personally curious to see which look is the most popular, so do check out the other girls looks too and vote!
All pictures shot by the ever talented/cray cray Jasiminne (Her blog post here) and make up available in any Sasa near you!
You can also buy it on, free shipping applies to Malaysia!

Theres a sale there btw. Have bank draining fun!

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