Hennessy Global Art of Mixing Triology 2012!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I'm no alcohol racist but time has proven me cognac chic!
So much so, I'd go up to Penang for the last Hennessy Artistry, with half of KL's glam dolls, 
to get all up in Straits Quay during their first party of 2012 in June!

 (Brigette Liberty, Stefanie Chua and Esther Ng) 

Hennessy Artistry is an annual series of exclusive parties to bring together KL's flittering finest in one Global Art of Mixing playground.

And that night was no exception.
The decked out Straits Quay was packed to the brim and honing in on Hot..

  ...but we were well watered with Hennessy V.S.O.P all night long


So no complaints from me ;)

Add good DJ's and performances to the mix, and we had ourselves a good good night.
(Not forgetting Penang street supper after. Amazeballs)

Safe to say, this Saturday, expect nothing less!
Take a peek at the line up in store for us to bobble our heads too while we sip Henney over giggles and take pimpin' poloroids.


Will try to go early (I'll be outstation for a photo shoot prior!) as I really don't wanna miss Eva Simons!
She's that girl in the Afrojack song they always spin in Phuture - Take Over Control.
And if I get Bass Agents to let me wear their helmets, I think I'd just die :))

As you can tell, I like wearing things on my head for fun.
It's always easier for friends to spot me.

Who cares what people think or say, Life's a party if you love and laugh.
 Let's juice our youth this weekend at 
If you already have invites that is ;)

Can't wait to see y'all there :)))
I never come in time for the Before pictures they like to put in the magazines
but I sure am always there for the After shots!

Do LIKE Hennessy Malaysia if you want to keep in the loop about future events and how you can fabulously fall down the Henney rabbit hole with the rest of us party rockers.

Pillowtalk Bolster

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