DISCUSS: Qualities Men Should Have?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Watch if you haven't already but do know my blog post will still make sense if you don't :)

I am writing about a fellow Malaysian model, Felixia Yeap's, vlog on men qualities too.
Regardless of the fore featured Youtuber, you are entitled your opinions and do remember, so is she.

I am for nobody, as per usual.
Not because I don't have an opinion but because there is no cause worth me adding to.

So back to the Actual conversation,
What qualities should men have?

 (Sunday shoot of Dimple and I by Zuel Photography)

Days where girls of 13 wrote 'My BF Must Be' lists on the back of note books, torn, then presented to admirers (or several) are long over. Growing up in a passive aggressive home, these teens ability to directly dictate simply stunned me. I do however acknowledge the virtue in openly expressing specifics - But mostly to allow your streamlined desires to sink for yourself so you can begin to actualise them. This, instead of sinking another individual with your own ideals.

I have dated for 11 years and have never spent more than a few months single in between (Call me determined) in my effort to find my ideal partner. 

 (Found - Shot by Zuel Photography)

From the constant learning constant experiences provide, I have deduced a list of qualities I value in a man/partner at this current time:

Qualities I Value in Man 2012 Ed.
  • Transparent - Someone who thinks and behaves sincerely thus comes off as clear as a window without the need of curtains to conceal their cunning. Transparency is living and breathing Honesty. To me at least.
  • Open Minded - I'm considerably eccentric, even on my most vanilla days. So a man who is open enough to try to understand, even if they aren't like me, would be amazing. Plus, I like listening to different and new things, even if I can't relate. I need to be able to share it with a like minded person.
  • Solution Oriented - Nobody likes being around whiners. Complaining is fine but try to do it constructively. Problems aren't problems if you have Solutions. Find one instead of merely fishing for sympathy, thank you.
  • Generous - With love, with time, with money. Yes. I like a generous person, as am I. Ultimately how generous you are shows me how much I am worth to you. That doesn't make me materialistic, it makes me someone with strong self value. I'm not demanding anything (Never do) but trust I know what I deserve. What's wrong with admitting that?
  • Equally ambitious - You will find me a conceited and raging workaholic unless you understand the dreams behind my drive. If you have one too, I will fuel it.

Tadaa! That's my top 5!
'What? Only personality traits?' 
I see eyes rolling already.
Here are the 2 physical traits in a man that I highly appreciate.

  • Height - It's my weakness really. A 6 foot tall man with a decent build gives me shivers. I can't explain it but I'm a pretty lanky lassie myself.  Maybe it's the ability to literally look up at someone. *melts*
  • Hygiene - I am pretty clean. Not my room, laundry pile or mind, but me - I brush my teeth 3-4 times a day sometimes. A man with a good grooming regime and daily shower is a MUST. If he smells delicious and is minty enough to kiss throughout the day, I'll be sure to take full advantage of it ;)

What can I say.
I like men with double H's the way men like women with double D's and ultimately these are traits I value, based on the fact I bring them to the table also.

Don't expect a Prince if you aren't willing to be a Princess.


(Dimps and I just hanging like peas in a poddilac)

So now to get the ball rolling and opinions flowing
What qualities do YOU think men should have?
Tell me women AND men :)
This is a fun exercise and lets not get too serious.
I want to know everything.

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