JAWLINE BOTOX: Poison, inject me, Baby! *UPDATED*

Monday, July 23, 2012

So, I finally did it.
No, not the nose job you've petitioned me to get in private messages on Facebook.

I finally got Botox for my masseter/jaw muscle!
My jaw muscle is bulky from years of constant gum chewing and clenching from troubled sleep.
 But my face is considerably sharp and the jaw muscle doesn't look as big as it feels, so I'm realistic about the possible results. And for me, it's just one of those things you think about so much until you either gotta stop thinking of or just get it done with.

So after 3 years of thinking about it and exhausting all less evasive means with success, 
I still decided to do it.
 Heard it makes no real difference, but numbing cream? I insist :)

My masseter is pretty strong so I was advised to get 30cc of botox on each side.
That required 6 injections of 10cc in total *dies* but I was assured the new 'Painless Botox' was true to it's name.


I utterly dislike needles and felt ant like bites during my past forehead sessions.
However, I felt almost NOTHING at all this time round!

*Ok Brie, clench, unclench, 5, 10, done*

So much so, I could even camwhore after the first stab.


Super recommend Bangsar Nara Medispa's Doctor Nasri for his magic hands and constantly updated techniques.
Can tell why he's Datuks & Datins choice :)
Didn't know they did much Botox because they are specialized in Laser Liposuction & skin treatments so I just had to try it with them.

Full results within 2 weeks.
 Will update you then, loves.

P.S - First foray with forehead Botox here for those new to the idea of muscle relaxants.
Not saying it's good or bad but I find it compliments me and my overly stressed lifestyle.
Mom tells me to relax instead. I asked her wheres the logic in that ;)

****************POST 2 WEEKS UPDATE!****************


Sorry, it's the only shots I have from the front profile one day before and 14 days after of 30cc botoxulin on both sides of my masseter.

Speaks for itself so there's the verdict! :)

Only trust my face with the best, and by the way, this is non sponsored, in case you were wondering if my opinion is bought. I have a full time job and then some so no, you can't buy my stamp of approval ;p

Nara Medispa
Lot 2.01A, Second Floor Menara BRDB (behind BSC)
No. 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 - 2282 9299 

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