What She Wore: Friday Knit Me Gold To Go!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lunch Hour Post

It's Friday and casual I shall be, regardless of how fashion savvy people look awkward in luxury automotive offices.
But that never stopped me before :)

Oversized Gold Knit Top - Zara.
Gold Applique Black Leggings - Ximending, Taiwan.
Sequined Gold & Black Flats - My mother from wherever her taitai friends and her go. Shoes labeless :)

Oh ya, bag a bribe from bf for leaving me for a week and it's from Furla in Houston's Galleria!
No la, it wasn't a bribe. My boy's just the most thoughtful.
But I happily digress :)

I did a Milo and 'Go for Gold!' on my accessories!

Evil Gold Skeletal Hand Ring - Asia Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.
Cost me like RM12.90? *super steal*

Being an early riser today, I even paired my make up to perfection.

Make Up Accents:

Pastel Pink Cream Cheeks - Kiss Me
Nude Pure Color Gloss - Kiss Me Heavy Rotation.

Yes, that is my natural eye color as I am no longer using color contact thanks to intralasik with OPTIMAX, TTDI (that post will come next week!)

Till then TGIF Pillowtalkers!

Pillowtalk Bolster
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