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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hiatus Explained!

People person, who me?
You mistaken.
This is more or less what my sibling gatherings look like.

(My bro's skinny behind and my long hair which is getting so long I named it 'The Follicle Frock')

Regardless of my very people related occupation, platoon like networks and socially conformist looks, 
Alone, is where I am most comfortable :)
They say it is a Chinese zodiac Dragon trait, but I think it's a middle child thing.
I'm just used to being left to myself and can keep to myself pretty well.

However, my current hiatus from writing is totally unrelated.
I am and have been working very hard to get this page revamped and it's proven harder than expected (Gone through 4 designers already. No success!) 
To those who still come, hoping, I admire your patience.
I'm just so eager to get the look done that I've lost interest in writing until it is.
But I will make it worthwhile for sure

 So keep tuned to my blog revamp on my non work FB - Brigette Liberty Yu :)
Can't add any more friends because I have too many requests, but do Suscribe!

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