Girls & Money Series @ Bedroom KL.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Like cocktails?
I sure do.

Here's the latest on my lips.

Mix an unhappy fashion entrepreneur with a go-getter glampuss.


..stir in a conceptual artist, wielding a camera.


Johnny Mcgeorge of Girls and Money infamy.

..and shake vigorously in a 'Sexy is not Shy' location in Kuala Lumpur.


And you'll end up with a glass of something like this for the 17th of May 2012.


The key message of the entire shoot was simple.

1. Don't mess with me.
2. Don't give me the keys to your car.


Most have already laid eyes and tsk tsk-ed the debut 'Girls and Money' poster of Michiekins and I for Bedrooms latest series of lifestyle parties.

To that we respond,



Well you judgemental WAGS, the party series at Bedroom  is basically a mixture of raw art, fresh fashion, the lala-land lifestyle and banging music in a shot glass.

The message rings individualism and anti-cookie cutter culture.
So hate away you bore :)


Anyhoots, the first party last week was a spankin' collection of KL's deviant dolls and the follow up will leave little left to want.
Here is a little flash of the upcoming fun on the 24th of May 2012!


More deets here ;)

Hope to post up the party pics but realistically I'll be only free after work eases off mid June!
Thanks for the never ending support and as per usual, I'll be back.

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