What She Wore 11: Krakoff & Printless Palazzo.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First, lets get Krakin'

Recently got me the classic box Reed Krakoff and if you did not already know,
it's (in my eyes) the American cult equivalent of a Cambridge Satchel, albeit a little more pricey ;)


At RM3000+ is puts most similarly priced Prada Nylons to serious shame with it's full glove tan leather.
However, if Brand trumps Quality to you, then I guess we are just aren't on the same yacht ;)


I was a fan at first sight from Reebonz.com.
They carry it once in a while, so subscribe if you don't wanna pay American shipping charges!

Now pass the Palazzo Please!

(For a day to night about town)

Palazzo pants can summarize the flippant flow of the lower body for Spring 2012.
Keep it classic and opt for solid colors because really, cute pajama printed pant's won't be becoming a closet staple for most.


Black Palazzo Halter Jumpsuit - Pink Evil Fashion Supermarket, 1U.

Oh, where is my palazzo you ponder? 
I just naturally pose skinny but it's the same outfit ;p


I know not everyone would don this ensemble for the hair appointment I was late for.
But you can daytime-down an all black look with a floppy felt hat!


Felt hat- Bangkok

And that was my hair appointment
Also, as you can tell by picture quality, perhaps, that my SONY NEX 3 is MIA :(


       Lost my SD Card so I'm currently toting my housemates CANON POWERSHOT S100 for now.
But on a plus side, lack of super awesome pixels make me look naturally flawless :)


Have appy Wednesday, Loves. 


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