LITERARY LOVE with Agent 7.7

Monday, March 12, 2012

I know a lot of literature lovers and modern day poets, so this post is for U!
It's a story telling game that's going to win you something super so keep reading ;)
My latest character, Agent 7.7, is going to be in quite a tangle.
What tangle exactly, you tell me!

      Agent 7.7 woke up with a throbbing headache. Memories of last night’s events seemed hazy to him. All he remembers is the smoky bar and the last drink he had, before finding himself covered in cold sweat on the floor of his hotel room.  He searches around for his Galaxy Tab 7.7 but quickly discovers that it has gone missing!


      Suddenly, it all came back to him  -The rich smells of Cuban tobacco, the laughing and her fingernails tapping on the bar before everything drowned in a flurry of bright lights. Agent 7.7 put his sweat dampened hands to his face in realization that he didn’t retrieve the Monte Cristo that was left unlit on a crystal ashtray on the designated counter top. Within the abandoned cigar contained his next point to make contact and now without his Galaxy Tab 7.7, he was two steps back. Agent 7.7 got up, washed his face after ripping off his dinner jacket and headed back down to cigar divan. Somebody working there would have seen something; Anything. 
     ‘Good morning, sir’ chirped a passing bellboy, oblivious to Agent 7.7’s dilemma. He barely mustered a nod running down the railway of realization that no matter what he finds, he will have to find Her. The loss of his Galaxy Tab 7.7 was just the bait she needed.

Ok, that's what I got for you now all I need a plot twister, a deliciously sad one, that will make Inception look like fish fodder.
Short and sweet or long and lascivious, I want to hear it all! 
      Feel free to write your continuation to the plot here in the comments before you submit it officially to


Only doing this because I'm totally confident it will be one of you Pillowtalkers who will walk away with the latest SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 7.7 if your plot is chosen after a month of verbal foreplay!
If you can read my blog, you can definitely write your way to the top.


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