TOPSHOP: Cocktails for Cash Vouchers? :))

Monday, March 26, 2012

Topshop reps called last week. 
Not only are they inviting me for their Spring/Summer 2012 preview show on the 29th of March at Zebra Square, but they are also going to be dressing me up for the event along with the likes of actual bloggers like KinkyBlueFairy and Chuckei!


It's just an outfit, yes, I know.
As a model people pay to dress me up and I've done that so much it barely excites camwhore shots from me. But as a pseudo-kinda-sometimes blogger, this is still very new to me! :)))) Regular people (Well as regular as a neurotic emcee/model turn supercar marketeer can be) are dressed up by international brands to attend their fashion shows? 


So to share the niceness with all you fashionista Pillowtalkers, 
I have tickets and vouchers to rain on you! :)

But first, here is a preview of my fitting I did a KLCC's Topshop last week after work!


Yes, all donned in high-waisted monotones and pearls.
 This is my Office Lady look ;)

I was dressed by Topshop's personal shopper and stylist, Denver.


He commented my legs are very long.
I introduced him to my 5 inch shoes.


I was hoping to get to wear the TOPSHOP UNIQUE collection,
which is Spring 2012 Egyptian inspired love!


But was told that the dressed up bloggers will be showcasing their TOPSHOP NEW GEN charity T-Shirt collection.


Q - Do I even own a T-shirt?
A - Only for gym.
But guess there's a way to work everything tossed your way ;)
Especially when all shirts are designed by known fashion designers.

Here's who I got and a preview of my outfit for Thursday!


Christopher Kane for Topshop and a PETITE Topshop skirt for the girl with long legs.
Yea uh :)


Only condition is you need to be able to read and like naming random things.

Topshop has partnered with vodka brand Smirnoff to create cocktails for the event.

You might win -
  1. Tickets to the Topshop/Topman show this Thursday night!
  2. Satu bottle Smirnoff
  3. And a RM500 cash voucher for Topshop/Topman

Look at these examples or check them out here.


And rename it as fashionably as possible!
A I'm callin' a Cosmo a Red-Rouge-politan ;)))

JUST NAME ALL THESE COCKTAILS something fabulous and email to
Contest ends tonight so be quick like rabbits ok!

See you Thursday fashy pashy loves.

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LITERARY LOVE: Agent 7.7 (Pt.2)

Friday, March 23, 2012

(On going contest to be updated regularly until April)


Read about Agent 7.7 then give a twist to my story to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7!


Easy peasy, Pillowtalkers!
Read till the end and continue...
Good Luck :)

Plot Twister 2
Agent 7.7 then felt a stinging sensation on his neck, injected involuntarily, and went unconscious.
 When he came to, all he felt was a dull sensation on his face from the fall and the hotel room carpet underneath him. His hands were bound behind his back and he was belly flat on what he could vaguely make out to be an empty room. He heard a sound near the window and saw a flash of silver. Agent 7.7 managed to wriggle his way to the window while on the floor and found it was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and a video was on. All he saw was red and he knew.

Plot Twister 3

To his horror, Google Maps showed the Tablet was located at his very own HQ!

The blinking red dot of the location on Google Maps was being played on what seemed to be a live feed of a computer screen. And as his ropes started to loosen from forceful struggling, he heard the sound again.

'Oh, Agent 7.7,' it cooed, 'Had a nice nap?'
It was her. She turned the camera from the computer screen to her beaming face.

'What have you done, Ophelia!' Agent 7.7 shouted.

'Hey hey, don't be testy with me! I may have knocked you out and taken your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, but at least I had the decency to return it to your HQ and replace it with my own.'

She then looked at her nails before smiling and mouthed the words, 
Come Get Me.
 Then the video died.

Finally wriggling free from his hand restraints, 
Agent 7.7  stood up to untie his bound feet and it all started coming back to him....


Plot Twister 4

Agent 7.7 is reviewing the photos he took of the day’s earlier pursuit. From the naked eye, it seems as if it was just a meeting between two men yet the Super AMOLED Plus screen reveals everything in minute details and it seems like a small vile was exchanged. He enlarges the photo and saw the initials D.O on it. 

That was the last thing he remembered before she snuck up on him, stringe in hand. If Ophelia stolen and hacked his Tablet for information, it could only mean she knows everything he does. Now it was about beating her to the punch. Revenge was too big on her mind for her to behave rationally and he knew had to stop her. He just had to.

Thinking back on his last clue, the initialed vile, he wondered what could D.O stand for. Grabbing her Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Tab she left for him and running out the hotel room he dug at his memory to try to piece it all together.

He dug deep and...


Plot Twister 5

Agent 7.7 was alarmed. Something was not right. Someone in a high position was involved!

Ophelia may be the daughter of a slain mob boss but for her to get involved herself meant that the person had to be untouchable to most. As Agent 7.7 got to his car, he tried to feign a smile as the valet of the hotel uncomfortably handed him his keys. He must have looked odd, unshaven with his overnight suit and red and raw wrists from struggling out of the ropes. But he didn't have time to freshen up. To fulfill his mission, he needed her to stop whatever it was she was doing before it was too late. 

Plot Twister 6

Agent 7.7 received a call from HQ and found out he's fired.
'What?! Fired?' he burst out saying, and before he could query him more, the head of operations killed the line. He had been with the agency for years with a stellar record and to get a sudden call to cut ties, not even from the director himself, proved something was going very wrong on a much grander scale.

Looking at his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7, the disoriented agent found himself trying to find the answers to what was happening. With the mobs, Ophelia's vendetta, the initialed vile, the string being pulled and ultimately, how it ties back to HQ.

Agent 7.7 needed answers.


HQ is relaying the target’s position via satellite. Thankfully, with the 1.4 GHz core processor, Agent 7.7 receives the information in no time. Cameras on the scene are quick to pull up an image in real time. “Finally”, Agent 7.7 thought, “the identity of the villain will be revealed”. He rubs his hand in anticipation only to find out something totally unexpected.

Someone from the inside of the HQ was obviously still trying to send him the right way but now he just felt even more bewildered; According to the information sent, he just left the target’s position at the hotel! U-turning sharply, Agent 7.7 pulled back into the hotels valet and while getting out of the car, he looked at the GALAXY TAB 7.7 screen to find the camera’s on the image of a tall, tanned man with his hand behind Ophelia’s back as he led her into the ballroom.


Out of a sudden, a gunshot jolted Agent 7.7's from his thoughts and he turned around....

Everyone was looking at the valet and he smiled sheepishly in response to his phones SMS ringtone.
‘God, those gun shot sound clips always startle,’ he though as he walked back into the hotel and upon seeing the man who was escorting Ophelia, willingly or not, was pacing outside the ballroom.

Agent 7.7 quickly dashed into the hotel lounge and sat at an empty table with a discreet view to where the mystery man was. Using the GALAXY TAB 7.7, he quickly took a picture and sent it to the HQ.

Hopefully the person on the inside helping him, would help him a little more.


"BREAKING NEWS!" Boomed the TV. "Psychopath kills civilians" Agent 7.7 is now a wanted murderer! 

He was being pinned for a bombing that just happened at a different location. Whoever was master mining this was out to get him and he wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

The other people in the lounge seemed to pay the TV no attention, so as quickly as he came, he left. Noticing the mystery man’s absence, Agent 7.7 steadily made his way towards the ballroom.

A sign outside said, ’Private Function’

Taking out the GALAXY TAB 7.7 casually, as not to call attention to himself, he pretends to be in the middle of something as he confidently walks past the registration and the ushers at the door.

That works every time.

Continue the story for me?
Make is short and sweet Or long and lascivious.
Either way, I want to know YOUR twist to my latest story ;) 


Click picture above or SAMSUNG U-NIVEZ and submit what you think should happen to Agent 7.7. Stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 if yours is the chosen plot twister and stay tuned for the next mission! 


Click on my name in the Facebook application and submit your plot twisters to my story NOW! You may submit as many as you want for a higher chance of winning the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7!

But make sure to leave it in the comments below first!
Fb comments activated to make things easy for you ;P

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If I Used to Know You.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Over the years, I've been contacted by many a people from the past,
and I still find it awkward when people say,

'I'm not sure if you remember me but we used to be in primary/secondary/tuition/college together '

For a second I think they either say that to be polite, by assuming I wouldn't remember them, or that they are being rude by implying that I have the mental capacity of a gold fish. Personally, I don't think people do ever forget meeting or knowing others. People can forget names but not faces or the things people have done to you. And ultimately, you never can quite forget the people who have lost the rights to say they know you now anymore.

So maybe I'm over thinking this, like everything else, but it just stops me for a moment before I reply them saying that of course I remember them, we went to primary/secondary/tuition/college together and how could I forget. Maybe it's the natural PR person in me, but a bridge unburnt is one not lost. But unlike awkward statements from people of the past, there is a statement I do not over think at all when I receive it in my Inbox.

'I'm not sure if you remember me, but we used to date'

That just cracks me up every time.

Speaking of people that we used to know, here's a related watch.


Gotye and Kimba - Someone That I Used To Know.

And my response to exes contacting me trying to be friendly?
I'll pass. 
They used to know parts of me I don't even know anymore and being reminded of that is......counterproductive to my future.We evolve out of Life necessity and being reminded of where I was, what I was, serves no propelling purpose. But mostly, I don't want to be fake friends because they gave up and so did I. So if  'We' aren't worth working out, what makes them think the regression of Love is Friendship? 

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SHOOTS: FabulousiTEE Teaser.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm glad to get to tease you with....


.....Cleo Fashionista 2011 winner, Michelle Ooi's latest FabulousiTEE collection for 2012!
More pictures will be coming up soon loves.

So Cupcake? Anyone? ;)

Better book your own now.
Her Fab Fashion Cult Tee's sell faster than the hottest hotcakes.


Click image to visit FabulousiTEE new online store!

And of course pics were shot by UK photog of Girls and Money fame, Johnny McGeorge,
Don't you just  love being a voyeur on Wednesdays? ;)

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Tuesday Thought: Full-Fill-ing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If you are the center of your universe
and must fill your world with what you Need
to get to water it with what you Want,
What would you fill it with?
Especially if you know full well that
it wasn't made to last.

What we see in the mirror in the morning,
What we have to do to do what we want to do,
even though we have no idea what we are doing at all,
The people and things we consider precious,
The moments we can soak in when we miss a feeling;
is sewn thin with temporary thread.

It used to weave me with meaninglessness,
this impermanence.
But slow as a spindle sheds a youth,
I begin to fall in love with Transience.
How it puts more momentum into moments
and makes less an impact of mistakes.

So with our limited lives of our limitless possibilities,
in a world we make our necessities
and douse with desires everyday,
What should we fill it with?
Especially when being full is but
a moment away from gone.

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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2012.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ola party Pillowtalkers! 

It’s F1 season and of all the passes to all the places to be at, my eyes are set on the ultimate party host’s who fail to fail us KL-ites time and time again.

 It’s no other than the world’s top dog for scotch whisky.


 Good ol' Johnnie :)

And because they have been the global partners for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula1 racing team for 8 years running, their exclusive Black Circuit parties held in conjunction with F1 in Malaysia is on every gliterrati’s annual calendar.



The last Black Circuit Brazil at Live was plain delicious and I’m going to sum in up in 5 pictures (Because anymore than that my bosses/clients who stalk me will think I don’t actually work.)

 I go to the Black Circuit because of…

 The dressed up locations


 The dressed up models


Brigette Liberty, Stefanie Chua and Natacha Munier.

 The atmosphere


The glorious goods


 The always impressive performances


 And I must give Johnnie Walker Malaysia points for…


…The Responsible Driving Campaign and water given out before you leave.


 So on the 21st of March, The Black Circuit Lounge 2012 will be held at a secret location, to be revealed.


 From the celebrity studded appearances and with a well selected import music line up


 along with our own DJ Nadine Ann Thomas!


Be prepared to be pumped up on a Wednesday night along with the rest of us glitterati's ;)

 But because the party is always better with people you know/or read you, 
 I have 2 passes to give to U if you can answer these simple questions!

 1. Name the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1™ driver that secured a podium finish in the previous Malaysian Grand Prix in 2011.

 2. Watch this and tell us what Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1™ driver Lewis Hamilton says at the end of the video.

 3. Tell us why you think that JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge VIP Race party is THE party of the year and why you should be invited in no more than 50 words.

 Mail it to me at to seal the deal and get a front row seat into the F1 lifestyle experience Johnnie Walker black Circuit brings to KL! 

*Terms and conditions apply


See you on the 21st of March 2012 Pillowtalkers!

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What She Wore 11: Krakoff & Printless Palazzo.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First, lets get Krakin'

Recently got me the classic box Reed Krakoff and if you did not already know,
it's (in my eyes) the American cult equivalent of a Cambridge Satchel, albeit a little more pricey ;)


At RM3000+ is puts most similarly priced Prada Nylons to serious shame with it's full glove tan leather.
However, if Brand trumps Quality to you, then I guess we are just aren't on the same yacht ;)


I was a fan at first sight from
They carry it once in a while, so subscribe if you don't wanna pay American shipping charges!

Now pass the Palazzo Please!

(For a day to night about town)

Palazzo pants can summarize the flippant flow of the lower body for Spring 2012.
Keep it classic and opt for solid colors because really, cute pajama printed pant's won't be becoming a closet staple for most.


Black Palazzo Halter Jumpsuit - Pink Evil Fashion Supermarket, 1U.

Oh, where is my palazzo you ponder? 
I just naturally pose skinny but it's the same outfit ;p


I know not everyone would don this ensemble for the hair appointment I was late for.
But you can daytime-down an all black look with a floppy felt hat!


Felt hat- Bangkok

And that was my hair appointment
Also, as you can tell by picture quality, perhaps, that my SONY NEX 3 is MIA :(


       Lost my SD Card so I'm currently toting my housemates CANON POWERSHOT S100 for now.
But on a plus side, lack of super awesome pixels make me look naturally flawless :)


Have appy Wednesday, Loves. 


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LITERARY LOVE with Agent 7.7

Monday, March 12, 2012

I know a lot of literature lovers and modern day poets, so this post is for U!
It's a story telling game that's going to win you something super so keep reading ;)
My latest character, Agent 7.7, is going to be in quite a tangle.
What tangle exactly, you tell me!

      Agent 7.7 woke up with a throbbing headache. Memories of last night’s events seemed hazy to him. All he remembers is the smoky bar and the last drink he had, before finding himself covered in cold sweat on the floor of his hotel room.  He searches around for his Galaxy Tab 7.7 but quickly discovers that it has gone missing!


      Suddenly, it all came back to him  -The rich smells of Cuban tobacco, the laughing and her fingernails tapping on the bar before everything drowned in a flurry of bright lights. Agent 7.7 put his sweat dampened hands to his face in realization that he didn’t retrieve the Monte Cristo that was left unlit on a crystal ashtray on the designated counter top. Within the abandoned cigar contained his next point to make contact and now without his Galaxy Tab 7.7, he was two steps back. Agent 7.7 got up, washed his face after ripping off his dinner jacket and headed back down to cigar divan. Somebody working there would have seen something; Anything. 
     ‘Good morning, sir’ chirped a passing bellboy, oblivious to Agent 7.7’s dilemma. He barely mustered a nod running down the railway of realization that no matter what he finds, he will have to find Her. The loss of his Galaxy Tab 7.7 was just the bait she needed.

Ok, that's what I got for you now all I need a plot twister, a deliciously sad one, that will make Inception look like fish fodder.
Short and sweet or long and lascivious, I want to hear it all! 
      Feel free to write your continuation to the plot here in the comments before you submit it officially to


Only doing this because I'm totally confident it will be one of you Pillowtalkers who will walk away with the latest SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 7.7 if your plot is chosen after a month of verbal foreplay!
If you can read my blog, you can definitely write your way to the top.


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Shh! I'm POP-PHONE-ing!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Happy Saint Valentine's, Pillowtalkers!
Honestly, I wish it were the weekends but alas, here I am at work blogging on my lunch hour.

Wish I was outdoor having a picnic with friends


Staring at trees






And eating vegetables like a health nut would.


(Cocoa bean is a vegetable)

Or on the phone screaming for someone to deliver me my POP PHONE.


Oh wait, I already have one :)


Sure you've heard of it so here it is!

(Image taken from here)

Bluetooth sets are too practical to be stylish
So French designed, Native Union, POP PHONE's is the modern vintage.

It is compatible with your Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry or computer and allows you to talk and text, cancel out outside noises, prevent 'cellphone cancer' and most importantly - look awesome.

So, get yours (Or your Valentine's) a POP PHONE and start multi-tasking and preventing cancer, fabulously :)
I'm sure you have seen it around by now (Around what? RM150-RM180?) but the best prices are here.


There is a POP and POSE contest running too so make sure u check that out and maybe win a little something extra for U anf your Valentine! I.e Trip to Japan or Bali and Ipads!

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