Turn Your CNY Pics into $$$ with PETRONAS :)

Saturday, February 04, 2012

So as mentioned in my past post, PETRONAS is hosting a photo contest in conjunction with their Chinese New Year 'Coming Home' video campaign I wrote about!

I think everyone can and should join because

1. You already have a bunch of gorgeous Chinese New Year shots
by now.
2. It's seriously super straight forward and EASY.

And because I'm all for turning photo's into $$$, 
I'm going to be a trooper and walk you through, Okie? :)



STEP 2: After you click ENTER at the bottom of that page and accept the needed,
you will be READY TO WIN!

Here are the foolproof instructions.


The theme is 'Reimgining Energy' which is a very subjective.
Here is what Dato Mohammad Medan, PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division, had to say about the theme

“Energy is everywhere, in everything we do, and especially at this time. It could be the excitement and the bonding during the reunion dinner, or it could be the hustle and bustle of shopping for and decorating the home. It could even be a portrait of the wise grandfather of the family, or a picture of the lanterns that light up our cities” 

Since you probably have a 'Reimagining Energy' photo already select the category it comes under, depending on what you used to take it and if you are indeed a schooling, still in Uni or a staff.

My Sony Nex 3 is semi pro so I'm jus clicking Amateur ;)


After that, check out the rest of the competition and also stand a chance to win RM288.00 daily from friends LIKES!


However, keep your eyes on the bigger prizes.
And here they are!


Can win RM2000 from mobile phone pictures?!@#%^
I'm having a #whydoweevenbuyprofessionalcamera moment.

But it passed ;P

Going to snap my photo today then submit tomorrow.
If you have submitted or are going to, remember to add your link here!
May the best Pillowtalker win!

Pillowtalk Bolster

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