PETRONAS CNY 'Coming Home' Campaign!

Monday, January 23, 2012



Cheers to renewed clarity as the Water Dragon reveals what we are made of. 
Happy Lunar New Year my friends!

It's been a good CNY so far and every year I look forward to the festive campaigns that start the holiday nostalgia :)
And When it comes to touching Chinese New Year advertisements,
PETRONAS has been heading the pack year after year.

So, for the majestic year of the Dragon, PETRONAS had their CNY campaign launch, where other than at Galleria Petrosanas


Media attendees getting anxious..


For PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division, Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah, to give the officiating speech!


And with that over, it was time to scream prosperous slogans *Every language counts!* while tossing yee sang high!
Sentimental Chinese Traditions always involve food.


And as a treat and to start the photo-fest, the media were treated to probably their first 'Lion Dance' of the year......

...the ever famous pole-dancing style ;)


This year, PETRONAS is in collaboration with LEICA to for series of videos filmed not only in Malaysia but England, Belgium, India and China as well. 

It is aptly themed 'Coming Home.'

"For centuries, mankind have migrated from one place to another, in hopes of finding better opportunities. But no matter where they are, or how far they have come in life, they will always come home."

If you watched each individual video, you'd cry.
(China video of the Fatherless little boy killed me. I'll link you at the end)
Yet, I'm putting this combined version because it really portrays the very different yet shared experiences so many of us have as we find our own ways to what we hold familiar.

So in conjunction with these series of Chinese New Year adds, PETRONAS is having a 

Reimagining Energy? Hm. What does that bring to mind?
For starters, surviving the 9 hour jam to drive back to your hometown that usually takes 4, the moment before lighting a massive firecracker or your 80 year old granny whipping up a wok-storm are just a few of the ideas I'm willing to share. *Your welcome!*
I'm joining too so whip out your camera's come CNY and get snappin' :)


Check out the PETRONAS FB page to see their app and for more details

And a Like for PETRONAS is a LIKE for Things We Share As Malaysians!!

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