Days Out @ A Super Secret Santa.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Xmas morning was spent opening gifts with Dimps in bed before we brunched with the mom at Brotzeit.
It was my kind of happy, quiet :)
As a non Christian, Christmas is a time for togetherness/gift giving & receiving for me.
And as someone living in a non 4 season country, festiveness is more about shopping mall decorations than snow :)

However, we do have the friends who make an extra merry effort and  a noon time Secret Santa was on our Xmas day list.


I shamelessly dibbed the best camwhore spot upon arrival.


The weather was great and the view from the condo was the perfect condiment to the mass wrapper ripping to ensue.


The aforementioned, wrapper rippers.


And a self timer shot with our party host, Steph.


Here were the gifts I wrapped for everyone in this Super Secret Santa where everyone gifts Everyone!
(Dimps helped glue on bits and bobs on my instructions, to be fair.)


To keep things cohesive, as most wrapping paper/bags were different,
I added a CAT theme to my labelling.

For the boxes.


For the bags.


Love how Dimps friends are my friends too now.
Great bunch of people to know outside of my model/party circles :)


[Fay, Justin, Dimps, Steph, Me, Jess, Rashpal and ADORABLE Jake]

Also, its been good getting to know friends of those friends from around the world.


[Leonard, Louise, Nithi]

After separating everything out, it was time to dig into the gifts!


All of my Secret Santa loot after the tear fest.
Budget was RM30 a person but couples could also merge the budgets.


Here's some of the notable items from everyone:

Dimps got the cutest tee from Fay.
Who can disagree with the original Snoop Dog - Chick do love the nerds.



And we do love having cool friends like Dion who can take a sarcastic gift.
We got him a Starbucks card to neutralize it and restore friendship Chi.


And Rash, the only surgeon in the house, got one too.
You know, in case he needs extra detail during a surgery.


What was not sarcastic at all was a lady's glee upon receiving something every girl needs in her Xmas stocking.
50 Shades of Grey sales must have hit an all time high this season, I imagine :)


And you can tell, we did last minute shopping at Starbucks for late confirming attendees.
But the couple cups for Fay and Victor were to adorbs for anyone to notice.


Too many gifts to photograph later, we were back to eating and discussing life altering topics like how the Iphone 5 needs to be charged twice a day.


Then I moved on to the kiddy table to force Josh to take a picture with me.


Conversation, however, was limited to the Alice Smith school building toys he now had at home.


Helped him build this.
Didn't know automotive items with eyes were a thing.


Then I chased Jake down to con him into looking at me long enough to get a shot.
Kids are the happiest on Xmas, aren't they :)


Everyone had to leave to get ready for a Xmas dinner feast.
Hope all of you had equally good Christmas day in 2012 together with family and friends.

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Life Update: Reality, Let's Play!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

While committing carbicide at Grand Hyatt early this month, it hit me;
2012 is almost over already. 
It has been a busy, functional year of rapid growth and self suppression.
And now that I've proven to myself I can do it, I feel I can finally be done with it.
Functionality is nice and all, don't get me wrong.
But I've played enough Realities to know when something is not worth it.
So unless something changes,
this doesn't have to be my Life.

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KISS ME: I got stuck with Glamorous, again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I know you have all seen KISS ME lashes in Malaysia by now.
So, here is the shoot I did for them hyping their 'Glamorous' look.
Somehow, I always get picked for that role.
Guess it's just seems very me.

Love how elongated the KISS ME lashes make my eyes appear.
Really compliments Asian eyelids!

Big hair is adds almost as much to being glamorous as having someone to painstakingly fan you with a reflector to achieve it.


But really, who defines what is Glamor anyway?

Glamor has never been a Style to me, it is a Personality.
To know how to carry oneself in any situation, uncompromisingly, and being innately inaccessible with your non-herd individualism ;
That in its exclusiveness creates the allure that is Glamor.
Well, to me at least.

The luscious KISS ME Rich #02 eye lashes help too, admittedly ;)

If you LIKE my look, help VOTE it below for the 'KISS ME MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL' sorta contest thing

(They told me there was no contest when I shot for them. 
Bummer huh :/
I actively do NOT do contests and strain my readers/friends for no reason because this is not my job. I earn money just like the rest of you 9-5-ers who hate being spammed incessantly to vote for inane contests every day, so sorry y'all!)

However, It's simple and very sweet of you if you'd like to help hype my look. 
Just click my picture then click VOTE in my page. 
Thanks in advance to those who do :))))

I'm personally curious to see which look is the most popular, so do check out the other girls looks too and vote!
All pictures shot by the ever talented/cray cray Jasiminne (Her blog post here) and make up available in any Sasa near you!
You can also buy it on, free shipping applies to Malaysia!

Theres a sale there btw. Have bank draining fun!

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Night Out@ THIRST 2012: What I Liked Aside from the Music.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As a partially retired raver who has been at it since before it was legal, I am more than aware that the pictures mean nothing to no one but those in it. 
So here is a list of what I liked at Heineken THIRST 2012 at Sepang instead :)


1. ..Having a Heinekabana right next to the stage.


2. ..Not looking out of place with somewhat sensible shoes.


3. ...Getting pelted with giant glowing balls. Multiple ;)


4. ...Never getting lost with all the landmarks about and even eating sushi under it.


5. ...Lastly, taking literal tree-killing showers :) 



So those were 5 things I liked on top of great music and friends at every corner.
But I did NOT like having nothing to drink (Beer, me no likey) and was so bored in my sobriety that by 1am I had to take a power nap in the cabana on Dimps shoulder to recharge.

Me and my pre-packed public human pillow.


How did I sleep right next to the stage with Avicii spinning, you ask?
Booming bass and blinding music has nothing on my low attention span.

Hope everyone had a great time!
See you next year :))))

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A Non-Hesitated Hiatus.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Here is what I have been away for the past week.
And I'm not sorry, Pillowtalkers! ;)

Me on a Thursday with recently previewed Aventador LP700-4 Roadster 
outside my office with a clients Aventador peeking into the frame.

Just helped orchestrate the Malaysian preview for the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster we didn't know was coming till we did. But as with life, you make the best with what comes speeding down your street, better yet from zero to hundred in 3 seconds.

The days of freelance emcee, model and writer living feel like a distant past after working 9-6 for a year. 
And a lot can change in 365 days, for good and for otherwise. 
(Good is some semblance of structure, otherwise is my declining health!)
But there is a saying in our Automobili Lamborghini 2013 calendar that is keeping me motivated through the surprisingly unglamorous working life in the fast lane.

 Chi si ferma รจ perduto.
He who hesitates is lost.

I've always felt Life's too short for waiting, anyhow.
And in that case, I've somehow found myself the perfect perch.
Will come down to share with you sometime Loves, but till then .

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm currently in bed with a Wine face mask while poorly previewing my back to black hair for Fall.

Instant Photobooth here for non Mac users :)

People keep telling me I look so different and it's such a statement. I suppose 5 years of consistent dye jobs has that effect.

Going to be up early for a day trip for a Royals Supercar Drive birthday lunch, then off I zip for the Sigur Ros concert at Urbanscapes 2012 come night! A Sunday when work and play fall perfectly in place, I can only hope.

So sleep happy, Pillowtalkers.
We will be waking up to Sunday, after all :)

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PROJECT LISTEN: Surviving Mean Girls. Unpopular? Who Me?

Friday, November 09, 2012

Remember in 'Mean Girls' when Lindsay Lohan had her lunch in the bathroom?

I can't say that has never happened to me.

Don't believe it?
I don't myself, sometimes.


Read about my experience SURVIVING MEAN GIRLS on Project Listen as part of the PRUkasih movement to inspire through sharing.

Project Listen is a community service project born out of the very simple yet powerful act of listening. This project is supported by ChikaPowWow (CPW), Malaysia’s most innovative online auction, as part of their CSR program, 1CARE2SHARE.



Every click of my 'Surviving Mean Girls' Post = RM1 for PRUkasih 
 to help urban families who have unexpectedly  lost their main breadwinners.


Yay! You just donated RM1 today by clicking on my Mean Girls post! :)
 If you want to do more do click here to see every single story or watch some of the videos.

It might feel like you are just surfing the net but I promises you are doing so much more than that and on behalf of the people you are helping, thank you and *big hug* :))))

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Night Out@Zouk: Things I COULD Have Been for Halloween 2012.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Because I was enslaved for Hen's Night duty and couldn't wear a real costume, 
here are the 5 Things I COULD have been this Halloween.

1. Bride's Crazy Sister from The Wedding Crashers.


2. A DeadMau5 Groupie who hangs out with Superheroes.


3. One of MEME Pedobears rejected victims on Halloween.
Something about me being over 7 years old.


4. Chick with her period in a Japanese Hentai complete with octopus tentacles.
Oh yeah.


5. Victim of Marital Abuse.
I sweaaaaaar I will never switch from ESPN to Starworld ever again :)

So yeah, that was my 2 hour at Zouk from 1.30am-3.30am on their early Halloween night last Saturday.
#HalloweenFail for sure, but better to be there and be square than just being square, right? ;-p

Check out my Halloween outfit 2 years ago if you'd like to see something less Halloween fail-like.





Hope you had a horrific Halloween, regardless of what you wore!

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