Stating the INNERSHINE!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A life well spent for me is one where I can, at the very least, aspire to have it all. Such desire stems from a slow self-cultured confidence, and it helps that to have my bright outlook complemented by an equally bright appearance. Fortunately I can garner some such radiance with Innershine OPC. It gives me more vitamins and anti-oxidants than I ever thought I could have use for, and I will be keeping myself in the pink of health with the help of my pink little bottle. With Innershine OPC, having it all is just a sip away - Brigette Liberty.

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COPPE&SID: Guess who won Best Eyewear of 2012?

Before I talk about eyewear and eyes, let me first address the face.

My mother believes a person shouldn't hide their 'ong' or 'face luck,' which is mainly the forehead area. Thus, I wasn't allowed to have a fringe all my life and till today find any accessories or hair that fall on it an irritant in my unfamiliarity. 

Me. my mommy and older sister.

I'm not superstitious so much. It is really more of a vanity issue; I just don't adore anything enough to cover my face behind (Wear my Tom ford, Gucci and Marc Jacob shades once a month at best. And my Hugo's are strictly for house use)

So it is a genuine compliment, from me, when I decide to complement my look with a pair of statement glasses. 
Whose fault is it that it happened to be handmade in Italy ;)


Here is the full post on COPPEandSID


Some pieces from their Cosmopolitan collection.


Me, the moment I fell in love with the glasses and eventually the brand.


I liked them so much I offered to do a free written interview under MALAYA OPTICAL just so I could get to meet the man himself!


Me interviewing MrCoppe in MALAYA OPTICAL, Uptown.


Him telling me about his deeps and long roots in the designer eyewear industry and how he always knew he would bring luxury eye wear to the masses someday.

So, if that was not enough to make you a COPPEandSID converter, their LAX Los Angeles model has just been named EYEWEAR OF 2012 at IOFT in Tokyo last week.



And lastly, me in my COPPEandSID Consmopolitan Eyewear which model could only be inspired by...


I wear it to my Italian supercar office at least 3 times a week!
Notice the special colors and how they merge with one another in curves?
Now that sets apart just a truly well made frame from just another designer brands churning out China made products they charge us premium for.

And the fact that COPPEandSID won 'Best Eyewear 2012' only reconfirms my belief in their brand.

You can check them out yourselves at MALAYA OPTICAL
Or just ask your regular shop if they carry it and you may be surprised. 
Thus, with recognition from the International Optical Fair Tokyo (IOFT2012), 
COPPEandSID is no longer a luxury mongers best kept secret ;)

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Friday Food for Thought.

Friday, October 21, 2011

“Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?” 
— Friedrich Nietzsche
Life is a journey of sorts;
We come, find a place to sleep then see and try things before we leave.
If it were meant to be short, let's hope it will be sweet
but if it weren't meant to be sweet, lets hope it's short, oui?
(If you said Non I'm sorry to break it to you, but you my friend, are a Sadist!)
And because I don't know how long I'm going to stay, I really do (or did) try to see and try Everything. 
At least until I got bored of being so...'interesting' (I'd call it 'eccentric' but my mother would say 'frowned upon')
I can't help that I just bore so easily.
I almost make ADD American kids look like Asian overachievers.
Yet maybe that's because I am American.
But I digress.

People do indeed tire of the interesting and sweet,
But probably not as fast as they tire of it's alternative.

Friday food for thought!

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Raining for Cats and Dogs; Don't Read at Work!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you at work?
If you are, you shouldn't read this.

Everyone is going to stare.

Ok, I warned you.
Grab a tissue and pretend you have a contacts problem.


10 Canine Commandments

Was tagged in this by a friend with a Facebook dog (no,seriously) and it made me tear.

Pro - I still have feelings.
Con - I had to lie to colleagues and tell them it is that time of the month.

Guess, it is touching because nobody ever really put to words what a dog could be thinking about.
And because that sad little animal in the picture could be yours.

Since I can remember, after my desire for a Pony died, I've always wanted a dog.


Baby Brigette Liberty and other Liberty Circa 1992

So, I know it sounds pretty ridiculous that I live in a condo with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 cats.
But if you think that's bad, I manage more than 70 pairs of ridiculously high heels making 5 cats a breeze, really. #savefail.
Shoes don't ricochet off the walls, 2nd base the designer chairs or go all Hannibal Lector on their watery hairballs in the morning.

Most days I wonder how it is I don't have a dog like I always dreamed of.


Russian Greyhound - Borzoi, Rough Collie and Bedlington Terrier. (I WANTSSIT!)

But I guess cats have a way of conspiring to get themselves stuck in drains and seducing you with their lack of need for toilet training. Thus, I consider myself an ANIMAL PERSON instead of the cat crazy lady I've been made out to be, or to eventually become. I'd like to have a dog, truly. But I just don't have the time or space now to give them what they need. I'd like to believe I do justice for my cats as they don't seem to need much. But some days after coming home late when I walk in on them half glazed before they realize it's me and pounce to my feet to smell how my day was, I really question it.

After seeing the  tear-jerky picture, my 4 year old Puss In Boots, Leia, crept up in my mind. It totally breaks my heart to know she will probably not live to be in my 30th birthday pictures and I always wonder if this Life I've provided is enough for her to die happy. People ask me where I get these ideas from; Cats don't think about such things! But how do we know that? I sure don't but what I do know is that she is my cat and I want her to have lived a comfortable life of kitty contentment because even if she doesn't know, I'll know and I will have many years to reflect on it after she is at rest and I can't do anymore for her.


Leia and I in May 2011 for a Breakfast in Tiffany shoot by Arthur Chen and Taisu.

Spent the night with her sleeping at my hip and I asked her to never grow old and leave me.
She just opened one eye then went back to sleep.
I covered myself with the blanket and cried knowing she can't help it.
(Really is going to be that time of the month. U are warned)

Will definitely read this post again before I consider buying a dog.
Because that puppy licking my palm through the pet store glass could become the dog in the picture above.
And also because if Leia is still alive, she will probably kill it.
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CODE FRIDAY: In Control with Pernod Ricard.

Monday, October 10, 2011

So last week, I got my supercar office lady tush down to KL after work to support something I believe in.

So much so I even pledged to it..


Gotta put your money where your mouth is!
And in my case, it's my name.


It takes effort to be part of a cause bigger than yourself...

Photobucket get people to watch and say,'Hey, why aren't we doing this already?'


And if that isn't worth sitting in KL jam after work hours, I don't know what is :)

So exactly what is this sudden pledging about at the first CODE FRIDAY event?
Well, I'd start after offering you something to drink..


But only if you promise not to drink and drive!!


I was at PERNOD RICARD Malaysia 'Be In Control. If You Drink Don't Drive' campaign launched as part of their global Responsible Drinking movement.

And I get it, people tend to underplay drinking and driving because most people drink to forget responsibilities. However, you wouldn't believe to stress the point at this launch, they were NOT serving alcohol
Well, to teach hard core drinkers like me a lesson *pouts*

On the bright side, there was lots of nips from La Bodega to soften the blow.


It even came with personal waiters.


Or otherwise known as Sam-Insanity which is self explanatory ;)


Picture of invited guests with CK Tan, PERNOD RICARD MALAYSIA MD.

So be in control when you drink!
Responsibility sure doesn't sound sexy but you know what's even unsexier?
Losing lives.

It's only a party till somebody gets hurt.
And I know I am not one to say, since I'm known for fish-drinking on weekends.
But remember I NEVER drive and NEVER sit in the car with a drunk driver.

To get us to spread support for this consumer safety campaign, PERNOD RICARD had...


...a booth to get customized pledge shirts!


Inked on the spot by...


Check them out, they are amazingly talented.


Not to mention, aesthetically pleasing ;)
The art and female artists.
Tech blogger/My supposed PEPPERMINT TEA Kaki Vernon Chan seemed to agree!


Paint Lust quickly churned out a piece for me too!


But it just didn't seem right.
I consider myself a mildly hypocritical person at best and even though I was in control then, I generally am not come Friday.
So, I didn't wear it and guess what it got me?

My first MUG SHOT :((
Well, apparently I'm 16 so I blame lack of education on drinking responsibility and youth!


Speaking of 16, I found someone who definitely fits the bill.
But no worries, everyone there was old enough to tip back some shots but it's good to be reminded we best plan our nights ahead in terms of transport.

Or we might just end up here.


Isabelle, Michelle and I rockin' a mock lock up!
Remember kids, lock up ain't the after party.
And I'm pretty sure it doesn't look this glamorous either ;P

So I got Paint Luster Haze to alter my shirt to suit my level of honesty.


I can wear that :)


 I may not be in control after 15 shots but I am responsible enough to plan to have a designated driver date to ferry me home SAFELY. (I know a keeper when I see one)

On sober side note, all of us left after being well entertained by model cum dj Patricia Knudsen! 
Tried to get a good picture of her for U but the DJ console was so highhhhhhhh :(


Which is perfect if you are a club that is centered around live band and great DJ-s.
The event was hosted at new club NEVERLAND which is on Jalan Kia Peng in KL.


Left feeling high on goodwill :)
So if you do drink, make sure you get driven home!


PERNOD RICARD'S 'Code Friday'event aims to promote just that with their global stance to promote 5 I-can't-believe-you-aren't-doing-this-already

* Advocating Moderation
* Avoiding Drink-Driving
* Making Young-People aware of the risks linked to alcohol 
* Dissuading Pregnant women from drinking 
* Making Staff aware of their responsibility

So if you believe in everything they are advocating go to
to watch their 'Wish You Were Here' videos and...




So simple make sure to share :)


'I just pledged to ONLY get driven home by sober sexy people ;)'


Party hard and smart Pillowtalkers.
Life's too short already.

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Remember, the secret shot I mentioned in the last post that is going to save my skin from dullness?

The super anti oxidant, OPC, that is extracted from pine bark and grapes which is 20 times more potent than Vitamin C and packs a punch 50 times more than Vitamin E?

Well, not that I can't keep a secret, but some good things just need to be shared!

The OPC is brought to you by none other than........

I just love the magic they deliver in bottles.
Here is a sneak peek of their launch at Fullhouse in Sunway Giza on the 21st of September 2011.

The guests await in anticipation...


...of the officiating of BRANDS INNERSHINE OPC in Malaysia! :))


And of course, the face for INNERSHINE is Penny Tai, a singer by what I can tell on her Chinese only FB fanpage.*banana-lang*


Here is their TVC for this latest OPC addition to their INNERSHINE family!

So what is the actual secret?


Well, BRAND'S INNERSHINE OPC'S key to your inner radiance stems from its
super antioxidant properties.
And as most of you know antioxidants help neutralize free radicals so your skin won't get any damage..
However, OPC is a class of flavonoids that additionally
prevents further ageing by locking in existing elastin and collagen!

And just when I figured a RM350.00 skincare product was worth it to strengthen my cells,
INNERSHINE OPC does more than that! Its artfully blended together with an array of fruits from US and Europe and without a pinch of preservatives, this is the ideal supplement for US health/beauty freaks out there.

So if you didn't know before, you do now :)


Running about balancing office work, hosting events, modeling and writing, 
this little bottle is my perfect companion!


Just peel, pop and.....

....glug glug glug!

You will find BRANDS INNERSHINE OPC lip smacking delightful with it's full bodied fruit flavour.
Kinda like delicious prune juice when warm and like yogurt drink when it's cold!


After 5 alternative days drinking it, I always remember to slip one in my bag before leaving the house so I have a healthy snack at hand!


So, make sure to grab you a box as I heard they are selling faster than Snooki spray tans in Jersey Shore!

Also, stop by their FB page to see what other people are saying about sippin' BRANDS INNERSHINE OPC ;)

Gotta love the simple secrets to keeping your skin shining from the inside :)

Click this picture to see my post on BRAND's 14 Days Get Smart Challenge

Yes, I heart quick sips :))

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