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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I've been writing so long I sometimes forget how long because I changed my blog site every year until I nestled into Pillowtalkpromises. Though traffic is decent, it's quiet and somehow that's what I prefer; The Fishbowl Life.

Today, I discovered this comment on my 'What's My Age Again' post and found myself not so alone in the waters.

"I remember reading your blog when you were still in high school, and back then, your blog had many haters in the comments and chatbox ( I tried defending you,but that only made them said that you used someone else's name to defend yourself, I'm sorry about that!). Look at where you are now and all those haters are nowhere.All those people that tries to bring you down only made you stronger didnt they? I know you already know this, but, remember, you're doing so much better than a lot of people.You're doing so much better than people older than you tht had more experiences,and I'm only a year younger than you and I'll never achieve what you have achieved, not even half. Back then i already thought that you were very mature for your age, and it is great that you are, look at what you have achieved! You don't have to cry anymore, you are great.It won't be for nothing. It is great that The Rise of the Youth Nation chose you as their speial guest, it is very appropriate, you'll be on" What's My Age Again? Joanne

Thanks Joanne, your comment really takes me back and I'm extremely...touched.
You really made my day :)

It has been a long time, so long I even forget I used to live any differently.
I recall feeling completely alone and convinced myself I was happy that way, waterproof to my surroundings. But I guess I wasn't happy, so unknowingly I let things change.

Hope the rest of you have such heart warming moments of realization, especially in this soft season of togetherness . Just remember that no one can ever be as completely alone as they may sometimes feel.

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