Monday, October 03, 2011

Remember, the secret shot I mentioned in the last post that is going to save my skin from dullness?

The super anti oxidant, OPC, that is extracted from pine bark and grapes which is 20 times more potent than Vitamin C and packs a punch 50 times more than Vitamin E?

Well, not that I can't keep a secret, but some good things just need to be shared!

The OPC is brought to you by none other than........

I just love the magic they deliver in bottles.
Here is a sneak peek of their launch at Fullhouse in Sunway Giza on the 21st of September 2011.

The guests await in anticipation...


...of the officiating of BRANDS INNERSHINE OPC in Malaysia! :))


And of course, the face for INNERSHINE is Penny Tai, a singer by what I can tell on her Chinese only FB fanpage.*banana-lang*


Here is their TVC for this latest OPC addition to their INNERSHINE family!

So what is the actual secret?


Well, BRAND'S INNERSHINE OPC'S key to your inner radiance stems from its
super antioxidant properties.
And as most of you know antioxidants help neutralize free radicals so your skin won't get any damage..
However, OPC is a class of flavonoids that additionally
prevents further ageing by locking in existing elastin and collagen!

And just when I figured a RM350.00 skincare product was worth it to strengthen my cells,
INNERSHINE OPC does more than that! Its artfully blended together with an array of fruits from US and Europe and without a pinch of preservatives, this is the ideal supplement for US health/beauty freaks out there.

So if you didn't know before, you do now :)


Running about balancing office work, hosting events, modeling and writing, 
this little bottle is my perfect companion!


Just peel, pop and.....

....glug glug glug!

You will find BRANDS INNERSHINE OPC lip smacking delightful with it's full bodied fruit flavour.
Kinda like delicious prune juice when warm and like yogurt drink when it's cold!


After 5 alternative days drinking it, I always remember to slip one in my bag before leaving the house so I have a healthy snack at hand!


So, make sure to grab you a box as I heard they are selling faster than Snooki spray tans in Jersey Shore!

Also, stop by their FB page to see what other people are saying about sippin' BRANDS INNERSHINE OPC ;)

Gotta love the simple secrets to keeping your skin shining from the inside :)

Click this picture to see my post on BRAND's 14 Days Get Smart Challenge

Yes, I heart quick sips :))

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