Raining for Cats and Dogs; Don't Read at Work!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you at work?
If you are, you shouldn't read this.

Everyone is going to stare.

Ok, I warned you.
Grab a tissue and pretend you have a contacts problem.


10 Canine Commandments

Was tagged in this by a friend with a Facebook dog (no,seriously) and it made me tear.

Pro - I still have feelings.
Con - I had to lie to colleagues and tell them it is that time of the month.

Guess, it is touching because nobody ever really put to words what a dog could be thinking about.
And because that sad little animal in the picture could be yours.

Since I can remember, after my desire for a Pony died, I've always wanted a dog.


Baby Brigette Liberty and other Liberty Circa 1992

So, I know it sounds pretty ridiculous that I live in a condo with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 cats.
But if you think that's bad, I manage more than 70 pairs of ridiculously high heels making 5 cats a breeze, really. #savefail.
Shoes don't ricochet off the walls, 2nd base the designer chairs or go all Hannibal Lector on their watery hairballs in the morning.

Most days I wonder how it is I don't have a dog like I always dreamed of.


Russian Greyhound - Borzoi, Rough Collie and Bedlington Terrier. (I WANTSSIT!)

But I guess cats have a way of conspiring to get themselves stuck in drains and seducing you with their lack of need for toilet training. Thus, I consider myself an ANIMAL PERSON instead of the cat crazy lady I've been made out to be, or to eventually become. I'd like to have a dog, truly. But I just don't have the time or space now to give them what they need. I'd like to believe I do justice for my cats as they don't seem to need much. But some days after coming home late when I walk in on them half glazed before they realize it's me and pounce to my feet to smell how my day was, I really question it.

After seeing the  tear-jerky picture, my 4 year old Puss In Boots, Leia, crept up in my mind. It totally breaks my heart to know she will probably not live to be in my 30th birthday pictures and I always wonder if this Life I've provided is enough for her to die happy. People ask me where I get these ideas from; Cats don't think about such things! But how do we know that? I sure don't but what I do know is that she is my cat and I want her to have lived a comfortable life of kitty contentment because even if she doesn't know, I'll know and I will have many years to reflect on it after she is at rest and I can't do anymore for her.


Leia and I in May 2011 for a Breakfast in Tiffany shoot by Arthur Chen and Taisu.

Spent the night with her sleeping at my hip and I asked her to never grow old and leave me.
She just opened one eye then went back to sleep.
I covered myself with the blanket and cried knowing she can't help it.
(Really is going to be that time of the month. U are warned)

Will definitely read this post again before I consider buying a dog.
Because that puppy licking my palm through the pet store glass could become the dog in the picture above.
And also because if Leia is still alive, she will probably kill it.
Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. Thanks for the tag dear and this post got me to tears. Leia and the rest of your cats are lucky to have you and John. Big hugs! xxx

  2. And you gazillion rescues are lucky to have U!
    Your efforts inspire us cat loving housemates to do MORE :)

    Thank U Tati!


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