COPPE&SID: Guess who won Best Eyewear of 2012?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Before I talk about eyewear and eyes, let me first address the face.

My mother believes a person shouldn't hide their 'ong' or 'face luck,' which is mainly the forehead area. Thus, I wasn't allowed to have a fringe all my life and till today find any accessories or hair that fall on it an irritant in my unfamiliarity. 

Me. my mommy and older sister.

I'm not superstitious so much. It is really more of a vanity issue; I just don't adore anything enough to cover my face behind (Wear my Tom ford, Gucci and Marc Jacob shades once a month at best. And my Hugo's are strictly for house use)

So it is a genuine compliment, from me, when I decide to complement my look with a pair of statement glasses. 
Whose fault is it that it happened to be handmade in Italy ;)


Here is the full post on COPPEandSID


Some pieces from their Cosmopolitan collection.


Me, the moment I fell in love with the glasses and eventually the brand.


I liked them so much I offered to do a free written interview under MALAYA OPTICAL just so I could get to meet the man himself!


Me interviewing MrCoppe in MALAYA OPTICAL, Uptown.


Him telling me about his deeps and long roots in the designer eyewear industry and how he always knew he would bring luxury eye wear to the masses someday.

So, if that was not enough to make you a COPPEandSID converter, their LAX Los Angeles model has just been named EYEWEAR OF 2012 at IOFT in Tokyo last week.



And lastly, me in my COPPEandSID Consmopolitan Eyewear which model could only be inspired by...


I wear it to my Italian supercar office at least 3 times a week!
Notice the special colors and how they merge with one another in curves?
Now that sets apart just a truly well made frame from just another designer brands churning out China made products they charge us premium for.

And the fact that COPPEandSID won 'Best Eyewear 2012' only reconfirms my belief in their brand.

You can check them out yourselves at MALAYA OPTICAL
Or just ask your regular shop if they carry it and you may be surprised. 
Thus, with recognition from the International Optical Fair Tokyo (IOFT2012), 
COPPEandSID is no longer a luxury mongers best kept secret ;)

Pillowtalk Bolster

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