CODE FRIDAY: Drive Drunk Model Home, Please.

Friday, September 30, 2011

It is officially my second week after giving up the freelance lux-life to work in an Italian supercar office!
(Haven't heard? Tweet up with me will ya!)

And thus, my weekends have more meaning than just having more people to play with me and party! :))
Speaking of parties, tonight I'll be plonking my healthy tush down at Netherland KL for the PERNOD RICARD MALAYSIA event :)

So, I do go to every Tom, Dick and Fabulous Harry's party in KL, almost indefinitely.

Harpers Bazaar Cover on the 2011 Tiffany&Co F1 Event
(With Me and Michiekins at the bottom left!)

And I do like me my alcohol, indefinitely.


Click to see pics from Merc 2011 Party.

However, keep in mind I do not drive and I do not get into the car of someone who is drunk either.

PERNOD RICARD'S 'Code Friday'event aims to promote just that with their global stance to promote 5 I-can't-believe-you-aren't-doing-this-already

* Advocating Moderation
* Avoiding Drink-Driving
* Making Young-People aware of the risks linked to alcohol 
* Dissuading Pregnant women from drinking 
* Making Staff aware of their responsibility

Sounds boring? 
Well, not dying because of drinking tends to be, but be good kids and let me get you the down and Martini dirty at tonight's event to see if it's more simple than the police asking you to walk in a straight line.

So, “Be In Control. If You Drink Don’t Drive.”
Or you could just be totally tipsy like me and have someone sober drive you home.
Any volunteers? ;))))

Pillowtalk Bolster

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