ZERONA in Malaysia: Laser Liposuction?!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let me disclaim way ahead of this post that

I know, I am NOT fat.


Much unlike skinny girls who go "OMG, I’m like so freakin obese,"
I know that I am slim enough to gain a few kg of muscle even.

However, I tell you this with years of experience looking backstage at models and women in general;
Even slim people have ‘fatty’ areas. The kind that withstand slimming creams, diet and exercise.

And although I have some on my hips, I’d say the one I can’t ever seem to sweat off is the fat on…


…my inner thighs!

A lot of people say the only solution for stubborn fat deposit areas (Tummy, hips, inner thighs) is surgical procedures like Liposuction. But I personally don’t feel the need to put my health in considerable risk for vanity sake.
Liposuction is a surgical procedure and although it gives you results fast, it gives your body long term issues due to the fact it removes fat cells PERMANENTLY.


Not so much.
When you have no fat cells in one area, this happen....

 ..Oh yeah/Eww!
You can read up about Lipo's downsides at The New York Times.

 So while looking for alternatives I heard of a laser specialty medical spa behind BSC that offers ‘Laser Liposuction’, I jumped at the offer to check it out for myself.


NARA MEDISPA is the first and only centre in Malaysia offering Zerona laser treatments.

The medical spa is spearheaded by their celebrity doctor of the Datins, Doctor Nadzri.


So what I got from my little Zerona aka 'Laser Liposuction' brief was this

Proven in clinical trials and published in American medical journals.

Non evasive procedure.

Low level lasers give minimum to no sensation plus no contact with machinery or doctors.

But most importantly, ITS FDA APPROVED AND SAFE!


More Zerona information available here.

So with that, I went for a body analysis to decided where I was physically before I embarked on the trial treatment.


Was pretty sure I gained a bit after my Phuket holiday..


..and the numbers don't lie.
Gained 1kg :(

But on the bright side, I found out body fat was low and fitness level was high.
 However, I do need to gain more muscle weight.

The great thing is, Zerona is not only for people who need to lose general body weight,
it is also for slim people who want to trim down on targeted 'fatty' areas, like me!


NARA MEDISPA's  locker room is within the room itself :)



So, I stripped down and slapped on protective glasses to laser suit up! Hehe.


The looming Zerona machine...


...felt like the closest I'd get to an alien abduction ;P


Was quite apprenhensive but seriously felt NOTHING.
But internally, this was supposed to be happening to my fat!

So, round and round the laser went....


For 20 minutes on my back.


And for 20 minutes lying flat.


That was the entire treatment to be continued every other days for two weeks for maximum results!

Oh ya, I was put on some supplementation to aid the results but not for the usual length.
Normally you take it a week before your first treatment and after.


But I just took it for the treatment time. Hoping for some results though *crosses fingers*
L-Carnatine is to burn the newly freed fats and Niacin is for blood circulation.

Will blog results soon as I need to head back to Nara to get em!
Till then you can check out at their new page here

Nara Medispa
Lot 2.01A, Second Floor Menara BRDB (behind BSC)

No. 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 - 2282 9299

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