OPTIMAX: Eyes. Laser. Oh yeah. (Pt1/3)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Recently, I went under the laser version of knife and got my 5.00 vision down to 0.00 *awe*
So among all the questions I've been asked and all the people asking me, I though it'd be best I do a chronological compilation of Why, How and How Did it Go? to really give you a full F.Y.I for those considering it.


Well, personally, it was about Time.
Of all the ways I am genetically blessed, good vision isn't one of them.

 (Me with Stuff Magazine's 'Olympic' Medals pre-hosting their 8th Anniversary last month. Got 1 medal for my mothers long legs, 1 for my dads height, 1 for my quick wit & dry humor..I'm kidding, obviously :P )

I have been using glasses since I was


Age 7-12. 


And then contacts lenses from age 13-23 (Color contacts too, if I got good grades.)


Making it a total of 15 YEARS I have been living with the need of visual aid on an everyday basis!
And ridding myself of a daily dependence was high on my To Do List considering the very full Life I enjoy and intend to lead for many years to come.

(4 boxes to juggle my color lenses that often go expired because I can't keep track!)

Some say, why Laser your eyes if you are used to it already;
What's wrong with the rest of your life with slight inconvenience vs the 'risks'?

As I said, it is Time I could better spend.
I calculated and this is how much time I would have spent on my eye care/lenses by age 50.


That is just crazy :(

I have researched the common Risks involved in Lasik (Rare, especially if you are still young!) yet it still took me 3 years to finally pluck up the courage to even get a consult.
 Looking back now, I'm a little angry at myself for not doing it sooner.

So ultimately, it was about time I did something about it.
And the rest is history :)

Next post - How I got my vision corrected and the experts I would only trust with my sight.

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