Nights Out@Merc has got a C-cret!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

When the big C comes back for a new day,
KL's Gliteratti come out to play!



(Left to Right: Brigette Liberty, Chantelle Soo, Natalie Lynn and Stefanie Chua)

And play we did at Mercedes Launch of the New Generation C Class in Kuala Lumpur!
Picture of us sippin' up the ambience ;)


The built for occasion location was indeed filled justly.

So naturally, the unveiling of the new Merc C Class will be KL's worst kept C-cret ;)

After the ceremony, most made their way on stage check out the ride,
while we decided to press some big buttons.

Natacha and I tried to beep the horn but realized the car needs to be switched on.

*epic model fail*


But nonetheless, the black C still deserved some admiration....


....While the white Merc C class got all of the bright lights a-flashin'!

And not to mention, all the bubblies got us girls giddy with laughter.

(Left to Right: Brigette Liberty, a friend, Stefanie Chua, Cay Kuijpers, Fay Hokulani, Natacha Meunier and Julie Hoi)

Bad photo's can dream on ;)

The post launch party started off with The Matsaleh's rockin out the stage.
Second time seeing their lead singer up close and if everything I heard of Freddy Mercury was about right, I think he's as close as KL will get to the late rockstar :)
Good choice Merc!

So, after another round of snapshots, we called it a surprisingly great night (Better than Henney and JW parties 2011 strangely) and zipped off to Aristo's for some house music to cap off a Thursday.


And of course, as with any of my public dalliances, I was Dimple-doted the whole time.
But that is no C-cret ;)

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  1. liberty baby, u look hot in the olive green dress! :D its so your colour! loves it

    much love from london :D


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