What She Wore 10: Print on Print, Work to Play.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ok, this look may not be kosher in most office environments (save the Media line)...


...but keep in mind, I don't work in one ;)

I enjoy throwing on  suit jacket as it adds an instant sharpness to a casual look.


Black Suit Jacket - G2000 Women
 Ring - Bazaar Find.

And the best part is when it gets too hot, you can just slip it off and fling it over your shoulders for that sexy devil-may-care swag.


Printed Bow Top - Rope Picnic, Japan.
Aviators my cat broke- Eclispse, Singapore.
It's Summer so bright and bold colors are the best accessory for the shameless!


Red Clutch Wallet - Marc Jacobs, London.
Red Lips - Laura Mercier Portofino Spring Collection in 'Sunrise'.
Orange Gel Nails - OPI Color Couture, Bangsar.

And for those too shy to call much unwanted attention with brazen colors,
you can swap your denims and blacks for more neutral shades!


Light Brown Printed Shorts - Momeo

All in all, have fun with prints!
A lot of people snubbed the print on print trend, but I find it really do-able if you go for small ones (Banish leopard on tiger striped from your mind NOW pls)
But if you do, I'm not hatin' because Summer is indeed a reminder about not taking yourself too seriously, no? ;)


Top that off with a simple wedge and you've got a date with Summer Cheer and Comfort!


Wedges- Bisbee, Plaza Damas.

Pillowtalk Bolster

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