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Friday, June 17, 2011

Most people can tell just by looking at your face, what your skin woes are. I generally suffer from dull and dry complexion with the occasional PMS spot and of course the early signs of ageing.

*But Brie, you are only 22! What ageing!?*

Don’t believe me?
I'm going to show you a magic trick.

See this? This is the usual me you see in photos.


Now see this!


Told you. (Just lost 5 upcoming modelling jobs right there FML)

I've noticed these wrinkles on my forehead since adolescent and it has worsened over the last 2 years. I’ve used facial serums that cost more than gold and also done collagen stimulating procedures but to no avail :(
Thus, I decided it was time to get a proper consultation and treatment before it reaches a state of irreparability.

So it was just dumb luck when I was invited to SLOANE CLINIC'S soft launch in Maarof, Bangsar!


Here is Heleness and I with Dr Low Chai Ling, owner of the famed Sloane Clinic/Spa franchise in Singapore*! She is a doctor and mother of 2! Believe it! #theworldisnotfair

*Their next outlet that will be opening is at Marina Sands, Singapore.


SLOANE is known for their skin pampering facials (I SO WANNA TRY!) and also their non evasive, skin enhancing procedures such a laser treatments and botox.


Me camwhoring in their powder room which comes equipped with touch up tools.


Love how SLOANE not only has their own skincare products, but also their own mineral make up line!
Prices are laid out there too.


Everything you try on can be purchased and I love how it's just left there for your perusal and not being pushed at you after your treatment. #hardsellsucks

Wasn't even done looking around before I was ushered by the friendly staff to the doctors office for my consultation!


I like how they had proper diagrams and in depth explanations for every single query I had.
It's good to do your own research prior to any consultation so you are aware of whats what, as I generally do. While inquiring about face slimming, Dr Teh Siew Yen ran me through non invasive procedure results you could get by relaxing the jaw muscle.

However, the topic did get back to what I thought were wrinkles,
but were actually frown lines >>:(


I suppose the years of being a worry wart (I frown in my sleep too!) has left me with a lot more muscle memory than I bargained for. It is really not about age, but about exaggerated usage of aforementioned forehead muscles.

The verdict was drawn:
I could do as many collagen treatments as I can afford and spend lavishly on products that aren't going to work because my skin is not old, it is just plain over used! SO BOTOX IT IS.


I know it sounds extreme. I'm 22 and I'm getting BOTOX!
You get all these ideas of what it is, but what is it?

Muscle paralysis?
Rat poison?

Botox is a muscle relaxer and has several medical uses including to treat cervical dystonia, excessive blinking and squinting, achalasia and even pediatric incontinence. *all sourced from wiki*

And a year after I was born, in 1989, it was discovered that it could also be used to relax muscles on the face for months at a time. I found that when it came to frown lines, some people had droopy eyelids as an unwanted side effect if not administered properly.
Dr.Teh assured me she would stay well out of the area.

So, time to pop my botox cherry!


They have these huge storage bags for you to put all your belongings in to be kept in a safe distance from you, for those paranoid of losing their handphones.


Case in point, me.
Was holding my Iphone all throughout the treatment.


20 minutes after numbing cream was applied, they tested by putting an ice pack on my forehead.
Felt almost nothing!
With that, marks were made and the doctor asked me if I was ready.


I guess I was.
But.............I hate injections!

So, really, I was being a big baby and all the attendants were laughing as I nervously joked that if I don't make it out alive, they should tell my mother I love her.
I also asked whether it will be painful, how long it will take and what to expect.....

I won't show you the injection pics coz I looked like a spaz.

But basically they had a vibrator on the other side of my face to distract me while the doctor quickly injected the botox while the nurse ice packed it before and after.

Felt so silly making a big fuss but what to do.
Thought I'd be getting a microdermabrasive face scrub when I came in, not a muscle relaxer!


Met the girls outside and found a random rainbow on the floor that cheered me up :)
A sign maybe?


You can go to Katherine Ng and Fay Hokulani's blog to see what they did at Sloane!
A lot less hardcore than me I assure you :)


Was given printed post treatment care.
No alcohol, gingko or vitamin E for me to avoid rare cases of bruising!


All in all, everyone left feeling satisfied with their treatments.
It always helps when you know you are in the hands of professionals, not aestheticians but real doctors!


Andy Kho, our OP, started feeling tempted to try a treatment after photographing all of ours.
Thanks so much for the lovely pictures so I return the favor by posting this one of him vaining!



Last but not least, we were given goodie bags with luxury SLOANE skincare products to try out!


Read up so much about them and can't wait to see some results!


Once again, thanks to Dr.Low Chai Ling and Dr.Teh Siew Yen for having us.

The Sloane Clinic
79 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
Tel: (603) 2288 1788


Stay tuned for my next post!
I'm doing a before and after video where I talk about my 1st botox treatment and also the SLOANE skincare product review :)

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  1. Hi Brie,

    Nice blog and I have to say that you are probably right about Botox as there's nothing much anyone can do about frown lines except to paralyse your muscles as early on as possible so that you don't get them in the first place! and for various reasons and with the right consultation, botox is a lifesaver and I know what I'm talking about as I'm training to be a neurogastroenterologist in London and have done my rotations in plastic surgery before.

    Keep me posted (maybe on FB) as to how it worked out for you and good luck!

    Kee J Ng

  2. NURSUZIANA ZulkifliJuly 21, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    Hi Bree,

    Suzi here from NONA Magazine. Are you interested to share your botox experience/ non-invasive procedures with our readers?

    If you're interested, pls email me at: or

  3. Hey Suzi.
    I reverted to DR Teh that i think ima pass.
    Thanks for the offer though!


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