Perception: You are what people think you are.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Video of this entire post, for those who are blind and picture illiterate :)

I've been told a lot of things in my 23 years of life, from a lot of different people; Some who mattered, some who didn't. Not that it matters, because sometimes strangers are willing to tell you the things your friends think they are saving you from. But that's why they are friends.

Irregardless, I take everything with a pinch of salt, but like a pinch, it may be short but it is still sharp. You are what you believe you are, and what you believe you are is often what you are percieved to be. So, sometimes, you are what people think you are. Yes, not without some personal tweaking to what you intend to be percepted as but often the blanks between the projector screen and the white wall beckons shadows, cast by everything in between.

This is what I awoke to this morning, next to my Murakami and stuffed monkey named Monkey in French. This is what I awake to most mornings next to whatever is beside me, wherever I am over the years. Now I sit in a single lighted, windowless room, with every foreign trait I perceive myself to have and cross examine it's existance hoping that maybe, just maybe that will be it's unbecoming. I've been told a lot of things I know weren't and aren't true. I just need to get my mind to share my sometimes shaky convictions.

I'd tell you what I've been told but then this will be a pity post, which it is not. This is me telling you for everytime you've been demoralized or condescended, you should make it a point to NEVER let anybody feel the way you've been made to. If someone you love suddenly tells you that you are useless and then you feel angry because they've betrayed you and end up making someone else feel useless instead, you become exactly what you didn't have to be just because you were told you are. I know great people, who can light up the room, who can also send a waitress into tears for not understanding what he ordered. He says it is because he's been trained to be like that from work, for work, and somehow forgets how to turn it off when he's not working. I can only conclude it's because That has become him, a person who makes another person feel worthless. He says it doesn't matter, it's just a waitress. I instantly think of everybody who must have though, it doesn't matter, it's just Brigette. And thinking of that makes me cry.

You are what you are, and that is what you are percieved to be by people who matter and by people who don't. Not that it matters because your friends are saving you from that Truth strangers don't get a chance to tell you.


Just my Monday Morning rant before I hit the gym and change what I can while I struggle with what I can't seem to.

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  1. I can so relate to this. As much as you hate it, sometimes it is not about what you perceive yourself to be but often more of what others perceive you to be. And to change that we gotta change the way we interact with people or the way we treat others. Its a whole new level of social-science on its own.

  2. Ya know, with more characteristic in your audio recording it would be interesting and fun to listen =). Try vlogging!

  3. Mick K - Thanks for reading! It's definitely a chain reaction effect and though not intrinsically new, the awareness of it is indeed becoming ever more socially accepted.

    Johnny - Must suit the tone mar. Hehe. But vlogging is definitely cmin up! Since so few enjoy reading nowadays :/

  4. just started to follow your blog...great...keep it up...

  5. just started to follow your blog....great...keep it up

  6. just started to follow your blog....great...keep it up


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