Peeing Vitamins, Again.

Monday, May 09, 2011

It just dawned on me the other day that the year which I fell sick the most was the year I stopped eating fresh fruits. I can't explain it, but after years of loving fresh produce I just developed a loss of palatte for cold, moist enzyme-y chunks in my mouth (Happens).

But this year has been way  better since I started juicing! Made me decide that if I can find new ways to swallow what I can't chew, what are a few extra pills in the mix?

300 Ringgit worth to be exact.
So, here it is!


Here is WHAT I got and WHY I got it :))

Caltrate 600+D - Big concerns for me are the lack of Calcium because I've been psycho'd to believe dairy causes cancer, thus aside from cheese and chocolate I take no dairy. And with a family history of osteoperosis, I decided to stock up on bone density prior to 30's when you stop storing calcium!

Kordel'a Gingko Bilobo 2500 - It's a herb and I've been tempted to try because apparently it helps increase libido in women. Ok, not because of that eventhough it may be true ;) I'm taking Gingko because it helps with general blood circulation (Particularly to the brain) and it also contains compounds that that help with metabolism and the neutralization of free radicals.

Blackmores Multivitamins+Minerals - Wanted a B-complex but figured multivits already have them so I might as well get a cocktail combo with high enough Everything from the entire B-complexes to Folic Acid.

Also, I bought a pill box to help me organize my legal pill poppin'

My kittens asked me the same thing I asked myself.
'Why your new pill box so ugly Brie?'

I told them it serves it's purpose and I thought that since it was the only one there I could bling it up with diamante myself.
 Till I discovered the surface wasn't flat because...

It has braille inscriptions on it for the blind or very old who obviously have more things to worry about than a borin' ol pill box sticking out of their handbags :(

 But since I'm neither blind nor old, I'm looking for a new one!

Anyhow, glad I'm finally getting my health back on track!
Well, that is if you believe your body actually digests supplements.
Otherwise, I just found more vitamins to pee :)

Pillowtalk Bolster

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