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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

People blog for the same reason they have an email or a Facebook account, to stay connected.
And there isn't a lack of people searching for this connection, either by writing or reading blogs.
I do both and because my lifestyle is my work, that is what I write about :)

I know personal blogs are supposed to be, well,  personal. But I try to seperate a lot of the stress of my life from it, as I imagine everyone already having their own problems so I aim to keep my blog fun to help you forget your problems for a minute and share my good times with me. If I do feel that I need to get something personal off my chest, I attempt to do it poetically because I feel that there is something necessary in every painful experience and it will serve better in memory if written beautifully. At the end of the day, that's what my blog will be in retrospect, the good times in pictures because I tried to catch a fleeting moment and the bad times in beautiful words to coat the bitter lessons I needed to learn from.

Anyhow, now that I'm earning regularly off my blog, I'm taking a 'direction' and will write about more informative things and choose them selectively when my new blog comes out (Hopefully by May!). I'm going to bring you to the many launches of new things in KL and share the good times out partying it up because we all love drowning in happy vibes. Also, what we can do together to change things that are just not acceptable to us like our non existent animal rights here and I will let you know when some expensive skincare product I'm using sucks so you don't have to waste your money too. I will also share with you the latest trends I'm picking or kicking and do my best to infect you with the 'Who cares if the glass is half full or empty,  just drink it!' mentality I have adopted to deal with my diagnosed anxiety issues I no longer deal with daily :)

So till my new blog is out, thanks for following me here for almost 2 years Pillowtalkers!

Pillowtalk Bolster

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  1. Helo, you're beautiful :) And you have a nice blog too. Keep up the good work.


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