Tiffany&Co F1 Party@Pulse, Grand Milennium.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Picked Tiffany&Co Official Lounge over STYLO 'Moulin Rouge' F1 party
because I had an extra pass to drag Michiekins along with me!

The Tiffany&Co F1 party was held at Pulse, Grand Milennium Hotel and hosted alongside Bazaar and that French beer I can't spell right :)


Brigette Liberty
Dress: Random boutique KL
Stocking: Topshop
Shoes: Nine West, Sgp.
Bright Blue Clutch: Suede Specialty Boutique, Bali.

Michelle Ooi designed her own dress!
Color blocking is so haute right now!

Was there only half an hour late (Means EARLY in Malaysia!)
so I decided to play some race simulator game they had in a race car.

And yes, with my heels on at that ;)

Failed miserably of course but at least I tried.
Not sure if I was the only girl who did as it was pretty hard to climb in with a dress.
Probably :)

The deco on the way up was so typically Tiffany's.
Blue boxes with white ribbons everywhere!

But that was just an appetizer.
Main course of diamonds were inside ;)

Michie and her dream wedding ring!
It is a 2 karat Tiffany in a round brilliant cut that cost's about RM139,500.

Personally, I'd prefer a custom made wedding ring that doesn't even look like a wedding ring
but most girls I know lust for a classic Tiffany's.

I found these Tiffany's Filigree heart pendant necklaces fairytale-esque!
The Rose Gold with Gemstones retails at approximately RM30,000 and the White Gold is going for RM24,000. 

Sound's exy but ain't nothin' like a Tiffany's, so :)
What was shocking to me was this....

..A full diamond faceted Tiffany's statement watch retailing at RM500,000++
I asked them why as even a high end swiss handmade diamond watch wont cost that much.
They said because of the Tiffany's diamonds.


Decided to look at the smaller things.
Think this would be a sweet something for your first love if both of you are 20 :)

Paloma Picasso LOVE Ring's in Gold and White Gold ring retail for around RM8600.

Brigette Liberty, Michelle Ooi, John Teo and Dennis Lau.

Oh well, time for dessert!
I meant the non stop champagne, not the boys ;)

Fashion show started shortly after.
Kelly Jagan was one of the only Asian models there!
Represent babe :)) 

It was a full house after no time!

But one thing that wasn't full was my tummy!
They had all these dainty hor'dourves, as most events do, but I hadn't had dinner so just washed champagne down with some chicken wings.

Bumped into Jeff and Daren too and discussed if we should hit up some other parties after.
I had an early morning so it was a no go for me :(

Took a quickie shot with the Advertlets group as a goodbye!
And after some tipsy touring under Grand Milennium, we managed to locate her car :P

Door gift was blue Tiffany's chocolate and a picture from the welcome display.

Made some friends with the Tiffany's staff (Min Jer was the most helpful and not snobbish at all!) and hopefully can get a discount on a necklace I've been coveting since 2009.

Tiffany Paloma Picasso Loving Heart 18k white gold necklace.
Classic was to wear someone's heart around your neck at all times, no?


Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. interesting blog,, and the colour of your clutch is just stunning. just putting it out there. hahaha.

  2. oh dear.. u know min jer? she is my best fren's bf. :) im sure u will get discount from him :)



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