BRAND's 14-Day 'Get Smart' Challenge!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I’m a freelance emcee, model and writer. And when I’m free, I’m really FREE!
But come peak months, I’m stretched so thin I could automatically sign on to Andrew Model’s
(Inside joke, Andrew’s is known for having their girls so thin they can practically fax em’.)

But basically, I bounce from Bum to Busy in a blink and often find myself feeling fatigued due to the inconsistency. So, to keep my energy levels up I am known for working out or toting around healthy snacks like grapes, raw almonds and whole wheat crackers to fuel my back to back events.

And my latest pick me up has been Brand’s Chicken Essence! :)

It is a perfect addition to my gym bag for a post workout boost.

It is also great for my taxi rides between events as a low calorie hunger cure.
(Only 36 calories for 70ml!)

And it has even been following me for photo shoots for a quick shot of goodness.

I know it has a robust taste but I really do enjoy it! :)
Mommy has been training me to drink Brand's since young because she swears 'chicken juice' is good for our physical well being.

But apparently, it is good for our minds as well!

Recently, BRAND's Essence of Chicken launched a 14-Day 'Get Smart' campaign after findings showed marked improvement in memory and mental concentration over a span of 14 consecutive days of consumption.

Usually, I don't pay heed to such bias findings by companies trying to promote their own ware
(Chocolate companies doing studies on how chocolate makes you skinny etc.)
However, their claims are backed by 4 independant clinical studies carried out around the world and is a trusted brand with over 20 years of research.

 But still, mostly because I've been drinking it all my life so I'm bias la :)

Chinese pop singer and composer, Rynn Lim, is their official ambassador who will be finishing his 14-Day 'Get Smart' challenge and compose a song by the end of it, which incidentally is tomorrow!

Check it out at their Brand's Smart Living Facebook fanpage!

I already have an elephants memory for the minutest details (A curse, really) so I can't be sure 14 days of taking Brand's chicken essence shots has made a marked difference.

However, I did do this entire post based on memory and remember that the limited edition packs of 14x70gm costs RM67.80.

No help to this ;P


But then I checked the press release and it says RM70.90.



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  1. Can increase the memory? Sounds nice. I think I need that. How's the taste? I never tried this product before.

  2. Try their '14 Days Get Smart' promo pack!
    The taste is bitter but I'm used to the chinse herbal soup kind of taste and I have friends who mix it in porridge so their kids will eat it :)


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