Tiffany&Co F1 Party@Pulse, Grand Milennium.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Picked Tiffany&Co Official Lounge over STYLO 'Moulin Rouge' F1 party
because I had an extra pass to drag Michiekins along with me!

The Tiffany&Co F1 party was held at Pulse, Grand Milennium Hotel and hosted alongside Bazaar and that French beer I can't spell right :)


Brigette Liberty
Dress: Random boutique KL
Stocking: Topshop
Shoes: Nine West, Sgp.
Bright Blue Clutch: Suede Specialty Boutique, Bali.

Michelle Ooi designed her own dress!
Color blocking is so haute right now!

Was there only half an hour late (Means EARLY in Malaysia!)
so I decided to play some race simulator game they had in a race car.

And yes, with my heels on at that ;)

Failed miserably of course but at least I tried.
Not sure if I was the only girl who did as it was pretty hard to climb in with a dress.
Probably :)

The deco on the way up was so typically Tiffany's.
Blue boxes with white ribbons everywhere!

But that was just an appetizer.
Main course of diamonds were inside ;)

Michie and her dream wedding ring!
It is a 2 karat Tiffany in a round brilliant cut that cost's about RM139,500.

Personally, I'd prefer a custom made wedding ring that doesn't even look like a wedding ring
but most girls I know lust for a classic Tiffany's.

I found these Tiffany's Filigree heart pendant necklaces fairytale-esque!
The Rose Gold with Gemstones retails at approximately RM30,000 and the White Gold is going for RM24,000. 

Sound's exy but ain't nothin' like a Tiffany's, so :)
What was shocking to me was this....

..A full diamond faceted Tiffany's statement watch retailing at RM500,000++
I asked them why as even a high end swiss handmade diamond watch wont cost that much.
They said because of the Tiffany's diamonds.


Decided to look at the smaller things.
Think this would be a sweet something for your first love if both of you are 20 :)

Paloma Picasso LOVE Ring's in Gold and White Gold ring retail for around RM8600.

Brigette Liberty, Michelle Ooi, John Teo and Dennis Lau.

Oh well, time for dessert!
I meant the non stop champagne, not the boys ;)

Fashion show started shortly after.
Kelly Jagan was one of the only Asian models there!
Represent babe :)) 

It was a full house after no time!

But one thing that wasn't full was my tummy!
They had all these dainty hor'dourves, as most events do, but I hadn't had dinner so just washed champagne down with some chicken wings.

Bumped into Jeff and Daren too and discussed if we should hit up some other parties after.
I had an early morning so it was a no go for me :(

Took a quickie shot with the Advertlets group as a goodbye!
And after some tipsy touring under Grand Milennium, we managed to locate her car :P

Door gift was blue Tiffany's chocolate and a picture from the welcome display.

Made some friends with the Tiffany's staff (Min Jer was the most helpful and not snobbish at all!) and hopefully can get a discount on a necklace I've been coveting since 2009.

Tiffany Paloma Picasso Loving Heart 18k white gold necklace.
Classic was to wear someone's heart around your neck at all times, no?


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Owning Insecurities.

Friday, April 22, 2011

On a scale of 1 to 10, how insecure would you rate yourself?
I would tell you  mine, except I truly believe it doesn't matter.

People can hide behind Responsibility, dress themselves well in big shiny words and dance with non-chalance to camouflage whatever it is they feel a need to blend into the background. Yet it takes one to know one, so I see through them. I was young(er) when I realized that everybody in this world could be owners of their Insecurities instead of just being insecure.

Irregardless, I used to think by portraying myself to be above that, I would eventually become so. But after bartering recklessness with experience, I find myself bold in acceptance that I too like everybody else, am insecure..
Some blame their parents, others their coincidences but most blame themselves.
Yet somehow rather, we all inherited fears.
My biggest one took a long time to surface but it came out eventually; I don't deserve to be loved.
It is hard to explain, especially since I am so very optimistic in person and sociable now but know I wasn't always. I try to pin it down to something in my past but it feels like I'm grabbing into a pond with carp that are so much deeper than I can hope to catch. Though I can't find an exact cause, the carcasses of it's effect litter my painful and messy transition into an adulthood I can't claim in the name of a youth I somehow slept through.

I'm now 22, without a steady job nor anything most find worth mentioning to my name.
But I do own my own insecurities and hopefully coming into that acceptance so very young will prove invaluable from my 4 years spent floating where fearfully fearless people swim, deeper than most can ever hope to catch.

It feels priceless to know for sure, I deserve to be loved by someone who deserves to be loved.
And it is comforting to deeply believe that everything else will find it's place and time.
Especially since running out of time will never be an insecurity of mine.

It doesn't matter how insecure you are, what matters is how you wan't to deal with it.
Cheers to owning insecurities over being insecure, Pillowtalkers!
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Awesome EASTER BUFFET@Atrium, Pyramid Tower Hotel!

There are 2 things that remind me of Easter celebrations more than anything else.
First would have to be fluffy white rabbits!

And second would be painted eggs!

But preferably the edible sort ;)

So this Easter, why don't you add these festive delights to your Sunday brunch at Atrium, Pyramid Towers!

It's has a sizeable buffet area suitable for big groups of families, friends and couples.

With a sizeable spread too!
And because life is all about priorities, I head straight for the dessert corner :))

  The colorful custards totally made my morning. I had one of each!

    And the miniature cones with mango cream inside was such a treat too!

But of course, the dark chocolate Easter rabbits on display went the best with my morning cup of black.

But for the rest of you who like eat all proper (Meal before dessert etc) no worries!

There is a huge selection of pan-asian fare from Hong Kong noodles to middle eastern kebabs to satisfy Sunday cravings you don't even know you have yet!

Here are my top 5 favourites Atrium Easter Buffet picks!
Keep in mind I was feeling carnivorous after so much sugar :)

1. Grilled lamb cutlet with rosemary herb crusting.

      2. Stuffed chicken roulade with pistachio nuts and apricots.

      3. Wok fried mussel with bean paste sauce. 

      4. Oven baked quail with prune compote.

           5. Freshly carved roast beef.

After sampling all of that I could barely move about.
Unlike Mike Yip who was constantly scouring the area.

           He helped us all sample the Lok Lok Station we we're too full to touch.

Caption of the day, 'Coz I don't eat vegetables!'

      Not that I ate any vegetables either but I did have a jacket potato!

 Met BabySumo who is an avid food blogger with an impressive appetite, thus the name.

Think they got more value for money than me, the 'little' eater.
 But I believe buffets aren't for the amount you eat, but the variety :)

And all this only for
 RM55 for an adult and RM27.50 for a child 
so make sure to reserve a spot now!

Easter buffets are my family tradition and we always end up taking some chocolate bunnies home.
But if you are extra observant, you might be able to find this guy...

Happy Easter Sunday Planning Pillowtalkers!

Easter Celebration Buffet, Sunday, 24th of April 2011
Atrium Café & Lounge, Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel
Damage: RM 55++ per adult/RM27.50++ per child below 12.
From:12.00 – 4.00pm
Reservations can be made at: +60 3 7495 1888

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A Busy Day in the Life of Brie :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For those who wan't to know what I mean when I say 'I'm busy lah',
here is a busy day in the life of a emcee, model, writer/blogger, pseudo runway organizer, full time friend and fashionista!

8.45am : Wake up to drink my usual 1 litre of water while watching the cats nip at the dying 'Cheer Up!' flowers from Dimple.

9am : Had coffee while clipping the flowers and re-arranging them in water glasses


10.15am : After a shower I read 'TimeOut KL' while checking my mail on Dimple's Ipad while reminding all my models about the show calltime at 4pm.

11.55am: Reached Empire in Sunway to check out their FashArt bazaar!
Got to camwhore with their inspired 'Black Swan' outfit before being distracted by....

...pretty shiny things! :))

Pointy diamante mary jane's available at _________

And also went to support this months Cleo Fashionista contestant, Michelle Ooi, at her shop!
As you can see, The-Kins has many fans :)

Then I got distracted again.

Colorful weave clutches and heart bling brown loafers available at ___________

2.15pm: Got to say ola to Adam Liew, one of the organizers for the FashArt event.

and apologize that I couldn't stay for the runway show!
Was supposed to walk for them but I was already booked :(

2.30pm:  Called a cab to leave as show only starts at 3pm.

So I missed their little luncheon too :(((

2.45pm: Hopped into the closest cab I could call as I was already running late!

3.30pm: And reached in time for the Brands '14 Day Get Smart' event all the way in Jusco, Kepong.

Managed to get all the pics I needed for a write up and also a couple shots of celebrity Rynn, their brand ambassador. 

4.15pm: Went mad trying to get a cab from god forsaken Kepong to KL :((
Was already late when I managed to hail one and this happened.....

 I was flat out of luck. A tyre's worth.

4.25: Taxi driver managed to get another cab for me with the condition I pay him for a 5 minute ride which made me 30 minutes late for my runway call time!

4.56pm: Reached Heritage Row's VR1 Club in time to see half my models already there getting hair and make up done. The musicians were already crashing our runway rehearsal too :/

5.15: After managing all the models and confirming everything with the organizer and designers,
 I got to get my make up started!

5.55pm: And finally I got to eat something while they did my hair.
Here is my view from behind the pre-teased updo!

Was not as unlucky as Felixia Yeap who got her hair done twice due to miscommunication.
Poor girl all pouty after more than an hour under the comb!

7.15pm: Most of the models we're done so we caught up a little.
It really is fun working with friends who are professional :)

Left to Right: Me, Marilyn Teh and Weena Marcus!

7.40pm: Last outfit fitting backstage before standby.

Heehee. No peeking ;)

But just wanted to show you how crowded a backstage usually is.

Clothes are custom made to order by!

No runway shots because I was walking, blind might I mention, because the less than couture club people shined the spotlight directly on our eyes. *sorry girls*

10.15pm: Post-show shot with my most supportive companions! 

Bestie John Teh, Denish Quah and Dimple!

10.20: Last  models group shot with VR1 club owner Jeff, Rebellz designer Ju Nn and online mogul shoe designer Christy Ng.

Left to Right:
Me, Kym Sit, Marilyn Teh, Christy Ng, Jeff Siah, Ju Nn, Weena Marcus, Felixia Yeap and Melissa Tan.

11pm: Stayed with friends to listen to the awesome bands 'The Matsaleh's.'
The lead singer reminds me so much of Freddy Mercury!

But wasn't too long before I was saying bye to everyone as I was mad tired :(

Telling models Josiah Mizukami and Justin Bratton to rock on before bouncing.

11.30pm: Head to Cap Square in search of  a late dinner!

And made some bad choices at Modesto's.

But I made do.
This is called pulling a Brie by dabbing off all the oil!

12.15pm: Last shot at Caps Square before hitting home and hibernating.

Dreamt of making these 3 walk a runway as I drank tea.


So, that's a full day in the life of Brigette Liberty for ya :)
xoxo pillowtalkers.

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