Shoot: Blinded with Johnny McGeorge.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just an old friend coming over to visit you,
that's what I've become.

I let myself in though I know I'm not supposed to
but I never know when I'm done.

In a wild dedication, take a moment of hope and let it run.
Never look back all the damage we've done now to each other,
to each other...

So when I see you, in spite of all that we've become..
I'm still blinded,

When I see you.

Blinded - Third Eye Blind
Photos/Editing - Johnny McGeorge for a photo compilation book to be exhibited in New York titled 'Girls&Money.'
Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. great picture you have there!!!

    *Vivian Foo*

  2. Vivian - Thanks to a Great photog!

    Donovan - TQ :))

  3. great, now you have another visitor/stalker/fan/friends. lol.. you done a great job.Keep it up babe.


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