Palmful of Pretty.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He brought me another bouquet of flowers.
It's a mess of sunshine yellow with twin pinks framing a honeysuckle centre.
He always brings me flowers when I'm sick or sad
and somehow I'm always sick or sad.

I'd imagine being bored of seeing them at my doorstep,
sometimes with and sometimes without him.
I'd imagine being bored of his attempts to cheer me up
with a palmful of pretty that dies.

But I'm not.

Looking at him standing at my doorstep,
amused, I am, with his palmful of pretty.
Looking at the beaming bunch that always comes
I'm curious of his consistencies.

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. aawww..... is that your bf that bought you those pretty flowers?!? He's a keeper:)

  2. He Always buys me flowers. Almost every month, it's confusing. I used to always relate flowers to a sorry excuse or to make up for some broken promise. But i guess he's reconditioning me mentally to like them :)

    Thanks babe! I know he is :)))


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