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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Knowing so many geeks, its criminal not for me to share this.

Where in Malaysia can you go to get a pint of JazFresh..

..poured by your very own Cosplay policebabe?


It's located at K Gallery, next to the Shell Petrol Station at Jalan Manjalara, Kepong. Yes, I did venture out of my city zone just to check this place out for you (and to check out the girls) so I expect much love!

It's quite a large place, really, with nice and high ceilings.

But it was still packed to the brim on a weekday on both stories! Guess they get the crowd coming with huge racks...

..of comic books! ;P

Mei Sze, Sarah and I were caught canoodling behind the jail cell of anime..

..eventhough all of the books were in Chinese.

Now, who's going to sit with me to translate it while i eat?! :((

And true to the anime-like theme, the place was decorated with manga charaters.

All and all, Moe De Cafe has a very nice ambience for regular chilling out sessions with friends!

Here were my 5 favourite items on their menu!

1. Butter Chicken Bento, RM17.90

Butter on something crisp, enough said :) This set is practically a starter, main course and desert in one!

2. Pineapple Cheese Baked rice with Prawn, RM19.90.

It's a typical Honkey (Hong Kong) dish of cheese on rice but with a Malaysian pineapple infused twist. Uber yum!

3. Thousand Layer Tofu, RM8.90.

Ok, they lied, as it is only 5-6 layers but you'll forgive them coz it's goes perfectly as a light and low fat side dish.

4. Spicy Prawn, RM14.90.

You see all that dark red stuff under it? Uhuh, that's dried chilly! An awesome drinking snack.

5. Spicy Chicken, RM6.90.

This was my absolute fav and also the most affordable! Perfectly crisp chicken bits with dried chilli goes well with a glass of medium bodied JazFresh!

The fragrant after taste of the beer is pleasant relief from the burn and it also is unfiltered thus containing more live yeast and also more vitamin B!

And these were a few others we tried!

1. Fried spaghetti with Xo Sauce RM9.90

2.Special Chicken Mushroom Pot RM14.90

3.Black Pepper Chicken Chop RM15.90

4.Asam Prawn RM18.90


Of course, amazing pics courtesy of super pro photographer Andy Kho aka 'Sex without LOVE sex is just exercise.' LOL.

And awesome camwhore shots, courtesy of their friendly fetish dressed staff ;) I hear they change outfit every month, french maids in April perhaps?

Moe de Cafe K-gallery,lot G-2, Ground Floor,
Lot 44667, Jalan 1/62A, Bandar Menjalara,
52100,Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6272 6197

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