Brie's 3 Day JUICE Detox: The Why and What.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

YAY! I just ended my 3 day juicing spree and I'm superbly pleased!
It was my 1st successful attempt after 2 failures so I have to say, 3rd times a charm :)

A lot of friends have asked me about it, so I'm going to write a comprehensive post about why, what and how I did my little juice fast and maybe how you can make it work for you too!

Brigette's 3 Day Juice Detox.

Why I did it.

People I social with know I love nipping on good food, tapping out the occasional cigarello, swirling brandy and popping me a shot (or 9) of tequila. However, when I'm not sociallizing, I eat very light low carb meals, sprint 3 times a week and down 2 gallons of water daily.

Also, I smack down shots of wheatgrass at Boost Juice weekly.

I'd like to think I strike a happy balance of fun and fitness :)

However, lately I've been getting migraines when I don't take my black coffee on time and find myself catching flu's/coughs quite easily, a sign of weakened immunity. So I embarked on this juice detox to give my organs a much needed rest to detoxify while pumping my system full of vitamins and enzymes to rejuvenate! It was also to go cold turkey on caffeine to break the addiction cycle.

And as expected, on any fat free, lowered calorie regime, I lost weight too and came out with a nice gleaming complexion and feel hellava lot lighter from no water retention (ZERO Salt consumption does that)! But realistically, I don't expect the weight loss it to last fully when I gradually go back to my usual eating. But it has made me feel like my body is properly detoxified for efficiency so anyone hoping to lose stubborn water weight/inches healthily for a runway show or wedding, you can do this too!

What I did.

Basically, that's it.

I got this recipe from the slimming centre, BizzyBody when I did a trial there (So you don't need to spend anything to diet from home!) It was made by nutritionists to help people lose weight and get rid of toxins. I just juiced everything after my own research because I am more for cleansing than weight loss.

I was initially hesitant about the pineapple in the morning as I have a tendency for gastric but I had NO problems at all and if anything it really woke me up!

FYI - I use a basic Philips juicer and drink the fibre as well.

I also consumed warm water after every mushy fruit meal to aid with the feeling of fullness.

The grapes were consumed unblended and that really cranked my craving to chew! But after a while I realized my desire to chew was just out of habit because I wasn't really hungry from the constant juice in my tummy tum tum :)


It was a hard but neccessary 3 days for me as I had a lot of time for reflecting and focusing on what my body really needs to sustain itself! Broke my caffeine addiction too and I can't go on more about the joys of juicing and how it helped me detox my body and mind!
Also how surprisingly Do-able it was for an indulgent cat like myself ;)

The next post will be about HOW I DID IT and my RESULTS so stay tuned for that Pillowtalkers :)
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  1. thanks for the sharing, im more interested on the coming part

  2. That's not a juicer, it's a blender

  3. Thanks for pointing that out!
    In my mind, it is the same thing coz it spits out juice. Hehe.

  4. So...just juice the whole day?

  5. Kidd : Yes but with grapes in the evening! :)


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