Shoot: Blinded with Johnny McGeorge.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just an old friend coming over to visit you,
that's what I've become.

I let myself in though I know I'm not supposed to
but I never know when I'm done.

In a wild dedication, take a moment of hope and let it run.
Never look back all the damage we've done now to each other,
to each other...

So when I see you, in spite of all that we've become..
I'm still blinded,

When I see you.

Blinded - Third Eye Blind
Photos/Editing - Johnny McGeorge for a photo compilation book to be exhibited in New York titled 'Girls&Money.'
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Brie's 3 Day JUICE Detox: The Why and What.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

YAY! I just ended my 3 day juicing spree and I'm superbly pleased!
It was my 1st successful attempt after 2 failures so I have to say, 3rd times a charm :)

A lot of friends have asked me about it, so I'm going to write a comprehensive post about why, what and how I did my little juice fast and maybe how you can make it work for you too!

Brigette's 3 Day Juice Detox.

Why I did it.

People I social with know I love nipping on good food, tapping out the occasional cigarello, swirling brandy and popping me a shot (or 9) of tequila. However, when I'm not sociallizing, I eat very light low carb meals, sprint 3 times a week and down 2 gallons of water daily.

Also, I smack down shots of wheatgrass at Boost Juice weekly.

I'd like to think I strike a happy balance of fun and fitness :)

However, lately I've been getting migraines when I don't take my black coffee on time and find myself catching flu's/coughs quite easily, a sign of weakened immunity. So I embarked on this juice detox to give my organs a much needed rest to detoxify while pumping my system full of vitamins and enzymes to rejuvenate! It was also to go cold turkey on caffeine to break the addiction cycle.

And as expected, on any fat free, lowered calorie regime, I lost weight too and came out with a nice gleaming complexion and feel hellava lot lighter from no water retention (ZERO Salt consumption does that)! But realistically, I don't expect the weight loss it to last fully when I gradually go back to my usual eating. But it has made me feel like my body is properly detoxified for efficiency so anyone hoping to lose stubborn water weight/inches healthily for a runway show or wedding, you can do this too!

What I did.

Basically, that's it.

I got this recipe from the slimming centre, BizzyBody when I did a trial there (So you don't need to spend anything to diet from home!) It was made by nutritionists to help people lose weight and get rid of toxins. I just juiced everything after my own research because I am more for cleansing than weight loss.

I was initially hesitant about the pineapple in the morning as I have a tendency for gastric but I had NO problems at all and if anything it really woke me up!

FYI - I use a basic Philips juicer and drink the fibre as well.

I also consumed warm water after every mushy fruit meal to aid with the feeling of fullness.

The grapes were consumed unblended and that really cranked my craving to chew! But after a while I realized my desire to chew was just out of habit because I wasn't really hungry from the constant juice in my tummy tum tum :)


It was a hard but neccessary 3 days for me as I had a lot of time for reflecting and focusing on what my body really needs to sustain itself! Broke my caffeine addiction too and I can't go on more about the joys of juicing and how it helped me detox my body and mind!
Also how surprisingly Do-able it was for an indulgent cat like myself ;)

The next post will be about HOW I DID IT and my RESULTS so stay tuned for that Pillowtalkers :)
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Days Out@Mid Valley Lasertagging!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Those who follow me on my FB Friend Page or are in my private acc probably know that I had a blast playing Laser Tag a few weeks back.

But only after seeing this picture of us on Jeniifer Foh's blog,

I realized I have yet to post mine up yet!

I, for one, was totally unaware that we had lasertag centre's in MidValley.
Galactic Laser is on the 3rd floor, North Court, right next to the Celebrity Fitness.

You can either call to book a time with a big group of friends (10-20 people)
or you can just show up on crowded weekends and play with other lasertaggers!

Upstairs there is an arcade, karaoke rooms and seems like pretty much a place you can hang out, host birthday parties or just someplace to leave your kids while you have sex on Saturday :)

Friends at the counter trying to decide what package to take.

Me deciding who's shoes look better :)

We took 3 missions, 15 minutes each, for RM45 per head.

We girls also shared a locker to dump our bags
but I refused to dump my camera!

Groupie before our first briefing pre-war-tagging.

Apparently, I wasn't the only Laser Tag virgin in the house.
I've always wanted to play, especially since I'm such a fan of the TV series
'How I Met Your Mother'

Tagline of the day 'Don't be a hero Scherbatsky!'
From Barney to Robin with awesomeness.
After the briefing it was time to...

I thought there would be adult sized lasertag vests but I guess one size can fit all.

Kay gets into the zone with her Terminator vest.

Me, Jeniifer, Cay and her cousin Chriselle representin' for the damsels-not-so-in-distress.

And of course, starting the mental war with intimidation
(More or less me trying to be a cougar like my mom)
The boy didn't seem to complain though ; )

Couldn't bring the camera in but this is the Galactic Laser lasertag circuit!
Its pretty large with lots of nooks and cranny's to hide yourself in lighted by neon green so as not to pull a Brie and run into a wall :)

Which didn't happen btw.

Not to forget it is also 3 levels high so you can snipe unsuspecting lasertaggers.
Quite fun when you have a big group and want to strategize.

3 sets and almost an hour later our group emerged tops!
Though I have to admit we had a safety in numbers but still, from the standpoint of noobs,

Last trigger happy shot for the day and I think we went out partying that night at Bridge Bar, GTower too.

It's hard to remember as I'm out so much I cant even blog about it all :((
*failed blogger*

Thanks to Felix who works there on weekends.
He made it a smooth experience for us all!

..and not without enthusiasm :)
Will consider becoming a member after I finish registering with my actual gunning club!

Galactic Laser
T-012A, 3rd Floor, North Court, Mid Valley Megamall.
03-2283 2999
Open everyday
Sun-Thurs 10am-10pm
Fri, Sat, Eve of Public holidays 10am-12am.

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Palmful of Pretty.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He brought me another bouquet of flowers.
It's a mess of sunshine yellow with twin pinks framing a honeysuckle centre.
He always brings me flowers when I'm sick or sad
and somehow I'm always sick or sad.

I'd imagine being bored of seeing them at my doorstep,
sometimes with and sometimes without him.
I'd imagine being bored of his attempts to cheer me up
with a palmful of pretty that dies.

But I'm not.

Looking at him standing at my doorstep,
amused, I am, with his palmful of pretty.
Looking at the beaming bunch that always comes
I'm curious of his consistencies.

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Jaz Fresh Food Review@Moe De Cafe.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Knowing so many geeks, its criminal not for me to share this.

Where in Malaysia can you go to get a pint of JazFresh..

..poured by your very own Cosplay policebabe?


It's located at K Gallery, next to the Shell Petrol Station at Jalan Manjalara, Kepong. Yes, I did venture out of my city zone just to check this place out for you (and to check out the girls) so I expect much love!

It's quite a large place, really, with nice and high ceilings.

But it was still packed to the brim on a weekday on both stories! Guess they get the crowd coming with huge racks...

..of comic books! ;P

Mei Sze, Sarah and I were caught canoodling behind the jail cell of anime..

..eventhough all of the books were in Chinese.

Now, who's going to sit with me to translate it while i eat?! :((

And true to the anime-like theme, the place was decorated with manga charaters.

All and all, Moe De Cafe has a very nice ambience for regular chilling out sessions with friends!

Here were my 5 favourite items on their menu!

1. Butter Chicken Bento, RM17.90

Butter on something crisp, enough said :) This set is practically a starter, main course and desert in one!

2. Pineapple Cheese Baked rice with Prawn, RM19.90.

It's a typical Honkey (Hong Kong) dish of cheese on rice but with a Malaysian pineapple infused twist. Uber yum!

3. Thousand Layer Tofu, RM8.90.

Ok, they lied, as it is only 5-6 layers but you'll forgive them coz it's goes perfectly as a light and low fat side dish.

4. Spicy Prawn, RM14.90.

You see all that dark red stuff under it? Uhuh, that's dried chilly! An awesome drinking snack.

5. Spicy Chicken, RM6.90.

This was my absolute fav and also the most affordable! Perfectly crisp chicken bits with dried chilli goes well with a glass of medium bodied JazFresh!

The fragrant after taste of the beer is pleasant relief from the burn and it also is unfiltered thus containing more live yeast and also more vitamin B!

And these were a few others we tried!

1. Fried spaghetti with Xo Sauce RM9.90

2.Special Chicken Mushroom Pot RM14.90

3.Black Pepper Chicken Chop RM15.90

4.Asam Prawn RM18.90


Of course, amazing pics courtesy of super pro photographer Andy Kho aka 'Sex without LOVE sex is just exercise.' LOL.

And awesome camwhore shots, courtesy of their friendly fetish dressed staff ;) I hear they change outfit every month, french maids in April perhaps?

Moe de Cafe K-gallery,lot G-2, Ground Floor,
Lot 44667, Jalan 1/62A, Bandar Menjalara,
52100,Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6272 6197

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