Vendetta's Worth Having.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

You can kiss my cheeks and turn right around to bad mouth me,
You can apologize and cry when confronted but to do it again.
You can tell My friends I'm a b*tch and they should not invite me out to our parties.
You can spread baseless lies to people in our industry so they won't hire me to work.
You can shake my hand and be fakely friendly when the photographer keeps you out of the make up room till I'm done so you look victimized.
You can lie to gangsters and tell them I owe you money and give them my house address so they can harass me.
You can tell people who know me that I only date guys for money when in reality thats what you do, minus the dating.

Yes, you can do all those things and more but you can't get me to retaliate, fire to fire.

I don't want or need to do anything.
People like you can only stay afloat for so long and ultimately your poor reputation and lack of friends for support will be your undoing.
I'm no saint but unlike you I don't pretend to be.

You really aren't as smart as you think you are, with your fake british accent and auditing degree.
A smart girl wouldn't bark at a pack of wolves,
especially now she has a lot more people watching with her face on the cover of FHM flaunting a buisness her ex started up and paid for though she lies and says he left her in debt. But aside from dealing with the gangsters you tried to convert to your cause of destroying everyone who ever helped you, I will do nothing to you.
I'm a passive person who's happy to watch the cards fall where they may.
But I can't say the same about your other victims.

I take comfort knowing I will always have the 2 things you have denounced;
A clear conscience and class.

This official statement aside for whatever will inevitably happen to someone stepping on as many bigger toes,
You aren't a vendetta worth having.
Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. Agree..well said. Though I've absolutely no idea what's going on. Go brie!

  2. Hanie - Thanks babe. I know it's a rant. But I totally get now why bloggers do it. I couldn't write anything else at that moment anyway and memang less geram after sharing :(

    Careen - Thanks babe. Settled the worst of it. Hoping to attract better people this Rabbit year! :) HappyCNY


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