PENANG : Non Pretentious Dining.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I always joke with my friends that if your parents came from Penang and you don't want to sit at a hawkers to eat good food, they will disown you.

I think I surprise most people who used to date me; I will sit anywhere uncomplaining with the promise of good food! Cockroach infested mamak SS2 Murni for claypot loh shi fun or hoity toitty Lafite in Shangrila for caviar donuts rate the same in my books depending on what I crave. Thus, I consider myself a non pretentious eater :)

So here are 5 nibbles I've already enjoyed in Penang.
WARNING: Don't view if you are hungry, overseas and miss home!

1. Oo Chien.

Don't say less oil, say NO oil and you will get a less oily platter of fried oyster, egg and flour.

Uber yum.

2. Fish Noodle Soup at Song River Cafe, Gurney.

Dipped with chilli padi mixed with garlic and sweet/salty soy, this serving for 2-3 people costs only RM10 or 2.80USD!

Super Value OMG. I thought the old uncle was senile and gave us the wrong bill.

3. Chun Piah.
Chun piah is basically a thicker skin version of a springroll that can only be deep fried, according to mom. I don't know why Asians aren't fatter, really.

4. Ais Kacang.
I think white people who have difficult kids should tell them this is a snow cone in a bowl and that all the green wormy jelly, sweet beans and corn at the bottom is a mistake but hey, there's some nutty ice cream on top to make up for it.
I'd be an awesome parent :)

5. The oh-so-famous Char Kuey Teow at Lorong Selamat.

Last but not least, this is the only place I ever eat a whole plate of fried clear fettucine like noodles. Plus side is it doesn't take a 30minute line up in the sun anymore since the lady got her own shop!

I like mine extra spicy and thumbs up to the prawns already being peeled! :)))

So there ends my first and probably only food post I'm not reviewing a restaurant for.
xoxo hungreh pillowtalkers!

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. ohh the food! i miss penang now. :(

  2. Envyyyyyy... all I had was the pepperoni pizza you left me.... Ciz bedebah!


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