The Only Healthy Thing I Had Today.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

There is something about Penang mornings I will always love.

Be it my late grandads favourite chair.

The balcony on which it sits.

Or me sitting there after a cold shower having the only healthy thing of a typical Penang foodfare filled day.

Purple dragonfruit and green apple juice.

But it's probably the sea breeze and blue view :)
Batu Feringgi makes my morning.

Will post up some shots of the yummy food I've been having by tonight!
Hope everyone is feeling the familiar comforts of family pre-Chinese New Year.
And those who aren't, I hope tonights pics cheer you up!

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  1. hahha thats not batu ferringhi!

  2. It is...the beach across the condos. Still in Batu Feringgi no? :)

  3. Nice view. Happy chinese new year to you


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