Day Out@Lake Garden, Taiping.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

WARNING: Lots of camwhore pics.
Close tab if you only enjoy my narcissicm in small doses :)

Anyhoot, I stopped by pioneer town Taiping, after 3 days in Penang post Chinese New Year and as usual, headed to Lake Gardens for a stroll.

This year, bestita John drove down from KL to join us!

CNY is for family afterall :)

It was his first time there, so our Taiping born Michiekins thought John should see the famous century old rain trees!
FYI: Taiping has the highest rain fall in all of Malaysia thus their rain trees are bigger and a lot older than most!

And it's really beautiful how they stretch all the way into the water for a drink.

And John got all excited about it, you know, first time and all..

..possibly also because of a drink ;)

Picnic Spot 1
Lake Gardens is the perfect place for a picnic!
It is over 62 hectares and was established in 1880 and is the oldest garden in Malaysia :)
Seriously, it's not like laying a mat in the grass somewhere in KL.
The pace is far more leisurely :)

My Jim Thompson and Michies vintage leather bag from Belgium.

My 4th time here so I came prepared.
Love how you can stuff everything you need (or don't need) into a tote!

Michie just brought herself.
Tour guides ;P
'This is the lake and these are trees lah..This is a rock and oooo..a leaf!'
But really, rain trees aside...

The water is super reflective!
Saw 3 Malay couples taking wedding photographs.
Spot 2!
As out of towners, we moved our picnic mat as we walked along to cover more ground.

Have a break, have a kit kat?
My dad hates when I take pics like this. He always tells me I'm gonna get premature wrinkling

Picnic Spot 3!
Now for our useless camwhore shots!
Posted up specially for Michiekins.

Sunlight came out to play so must we!

Us failing fabulously.

Taiping people....

.....a bit cacat.

John refuses to participate.

Out of townie ;)

Role playing.

She was mad I made fun of her re-usable Rupunzel bag.

But John totally agreed it was gay.

So he came to my rescue! :))

IT IS AN UGLY BAG! We won't retract that!

Ok, so childish antics aside, it was a scenic place..

..good for contemplations and reflecting :)
That's my favourite hobby, you know, as a well known functional neurotic.

So, that ends our lazy Taiping afternoon.
Can't wait to go back next Chinese New Year to visit Michie's family.

Going to bring my Dimple *crosses fingers* so I can finally ride this..

❤ Taiping :)

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