Castrol Football Crazy Meets My High Socks.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Regarding my knowledge on football, I may not know much, but what I do know is I'm all for lush men running about doing something or another topless.

Ok, lush men I like to IMAGINE topless.
What else do u think I do when forced to watch 11 men chase after a ball?

(Refer to my similiar Muay Thai belief somewhere inside here)

So when I was asked to participate in Castrol Football Crazy Futsal event at Subang I thought, why not. But mostly I figured it was a good chance to pull out my knee high socks and not look like an ah lien aka Chinese girl who cannot speak English or sucessfully mimic Taiwanese fashion.

So, here are some pics from the event brought to you by ESPN Star Sports and Castrol!

Aforementioned high socks :)

Hey, I was warned there would be a best dressed ok!

Here are the fashionably funny hosts of the Castrol Football Crazy event, JD and Adam C!

First matter of the day was them getting everyone to draw for teams!

They didn't look this amused when I got picked for Team C.

I apologized to all my team mates in advance :)

JD getting everyone to pseudo-boogie-warm-up while averting all the attention to me thus me covering my face everytime he said 'Bend over....Now look at Brigette!'

Castrol Girls in their short shorts and boots.

Not that anyone was looking at me ;)

A Panaroma shot of Team A agains Team B.
Spliced people due to no Sports Panaroma function on the Nex-3 :(
Anyhoot, the winning team played my team, Team C, which somehow I ended up Captain.

Tune in TODAY to see me try to kick the penalty shot for my team, 2 pretty girls getting hit in the face and whether it is Adam C or JD who lose their futsal bet and has to clean the winning teams dirty laundry!

Only on ESPN today, first day of Chinese 2011! :)

Episode is on:
3 Feb at 8pm (MYT) on ESPN,
Channel 812 on Astro!

I played one match then spent the rest of the time checking out what everyone was wearing, since I don't often don sports gear! I ran a poll even :)
But that's for my next post on Castrol Football Crazy!
Vernieman's awesome blue and gold gear.

'Like' them on FB here at Castrol Football Crazy!!!

Pillowtalk Bolster

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  1. Hehehe! Luv the post Brie!
    Good havin u there! It's fun aint it? ;)


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