What She Wore 9: Statement Beads.

Monday, February 28, 2011

I don't know about you but I love receiving packages.

But apparently, not as much as my 3 new boards. Kittens anybody? ;p

Anyhow, I've been waiting for this package from the states for a while now...

...from my sister who relocated from Japan to Seattle!
She moved there to accompany her bf who got a job with Boeing.

So, to pass the time till she starts a new job, she started making wooden bead necklaces to retail online. ( That's so ETSY!)

But what can I say, fashion and enterprising is in our blood..

...And some say our hand writing too!
It's addressed to my house mate and I as a CNY card for the house :)

Her bf did the woodblock carving for the rabbit print.
Seriously dude, wth, that is awesome!

What She Wore: Sisterly Statement Beads.

Necklace: Handmade, Seattle.

Versatile statement necklaces should be able to go from tee to tube dress.

Top: Bangkok

Skinny Shorts: Le Ann Maxima

And this wooden statement went right on my daytime errands outfit.

Hm..I'm sure that only sounds dirty in my head :)

The black necklace stands out perfectly from my brown hair.
So if you have black hair, a high curly ponytail or bun would help break the color blockage of a similarly colored necklace.

Brown Leather Shoes: Zara.

Thanks Celliebelliebum :)
You are my big sister, always!

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A Covert Affair in Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The 'Silent Mission' commenced on the 12th of January at Bukit Bintang.
I was hidden among 20 models dressed at suave spies and set about to turn heads.

And turn heads we did.
We weren't allowed to talk or do anything besides say 'Shhh..' to onlookers ourside Sungai Wang and Pavillion.

It was a traffic stopping stunt for sure!
DIVA Universal has got to be the first to pull of something like this in KL.

For those of you who aren't already aware, Hallmark has been renamed DIVA Universal since September last year, everywhere outside of the states.

Camera's followed us as we made a few pitstops.

It was easy to spot me as I was the only girl with a ponytail and a handphone in toll to tweet my whereabouts to friends! :)

It was a 'Covert Affair' through and through ;)

The hot spy series in US featuring Cayote Ugly's Piper Perabo as a C.I.A trainee turn field operative is debuting in Malaysia tonight.

Here's the teaser!

Catch it tonight and Every Thursday at 9pm (MY)
Astro Channel 702.

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Silent Mission, Pillowtalkers. Shh.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bye Bye Hallmark and hello DIVA Universal!

Yes, Channel 702 is now called DIVA Universal and will be exclusively airing 2010's top American spy series, Covert Affairs which has amassed more than 4.9 million viewers! :)

Starting Feb 17th, Every Thursday at 9pm (MY)
Astro 702.

UNDISCLAIMER: I'm not the biggest fan of action related TV series, but Covert Affairs was executively directed by Doug Liman who produced The Bourne Identity and Mr and Mrs Smith so I'm definitely giving this one a go!

And also because it features Piper Perabo of Coyote Ugly and The Prestige fame playing the lead role of C.I.A trainee turn field officer.

She's still looking Coyote Ugly worthy, for sure ;)

So, to get more of a feel to this exciting new series debuting soon in Malaysia, come hunt me down tomorrow at Pavillion, where I will be dressed to play and hidden among a bunch of other models dressed to play ;)

1.30pm to 3pm, Saturday 12th Jan, Pavillion, KL.

So hone in on the super spy skills you never knew you had and come by Pavillion okie :)

And for those of you who just want to say hi, just do!
Dozens od people PM me on Fb to say they saw me somewhere or another but didn't dare to say hello. I really am not as scary as I look but I may bite ;p

See You Soon Saturday Shoppin' Pillowtalkers! :)

Also, follow me on
Twitter for whereabout updates!

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Day Out@Lake Garden, Taiping.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

WARNING: Lots of camwhore pics.
Close tab if you only enjoy my narcissicm in small doses :)

Anyhoot, I stopped by pioneer town Taiping, after 3 days in Penang post Chinese New Year and as usual, headed to Lake Gardens for a stroll.

This year, bestita John drove down from KL to join us!

CNY is for family afterall :)

It was his first time there, so our Taiping born Michiekins thought John should see the famous century old rain trees!
FYI: Taiping has the highest rain fall in all of Malaysia thus their rain trees are bigger and a lot older than most!

And it's really beautiful how they stretch all the way into the water for a drink.

And John got all excited about it, you know, first time and all..

..possibly also because of a drink ;)

Picnic Spot 1
Lake Gardens is the perfect place for a picnic!
It is over 62 hectares and was established in 1880 and is the oldest garden in Malaysia :)
Seriously, it's not like laying a mat in the grass somewhere in KL.
The pace is far more leisurely :)

My Jim Thompson and Michies vintage leather bag from Belgium.

My 4th time here so I came prepared.
Love how you can stuff everything you need (or don't need) into a tote!

Michie just brought herself.
Tour guides ;P
'This is the lake and these are trees lah..This is a rock and oooo..a leaf!'
But really, rain trees aside...

The water is super reflective!
Saw 3 Malay couples taking wedding photographs.
Spot 2!
As out of towners, we moved our picnic mat as we walked along to cover more ground.

Have a break, have a kit kat?
My dad hates when I take pics like this. He always tells me I'm gonna get premature wrinkling

Picnic Spot 3!
Now for our useless camwhore shots!
Posted up specially for Michiekins.

Sunlight came out to play so must we!

Us failing fabulously.

Taiping people....

.....a bit cacat.

John refuses to participate.

Out of townie ;)

Role playing.

She was mad I made fun of her re-usable Rupunzel bag.

But John totally agreed it was gay.

So he came to my rescue! :))

IT IS AN UGLY BAG! We won't retract that!

Ok, so childish antics aside, it was a scenic place..

..good for contemplations and reflecting :)
That's my favourite hobby, you know, as a well known functional neurotic.

So, that ends our lazy Taiping afternoon.
Can't wait to go back next Chinese New Year to visit Michie's family.

Going to bring my Dimple *crosses fingers* so I can finally ride this..

❤ Taiping :)

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Castrol Football Crazy Meets My High Socks.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Regarding my knowledge on football, I may not know much, but what I do know is I'm all for lush men running about doing something or another topless.

Ok, lush men I like to IMAGINE topless.
What else do u think I do when forced to watch 11 men chase after a ball?

(Refer to my similiar Muay Thai belief somewhere inside here)

So when I was asked to participate in Castrol Football Crazy Futsal event at Subang I thought, why not. But mostly I figured it was a good chance to pull out my knee high socks and not look like an ah lien aka Chinese girl who cannot speak English or sucessfully mimic Taiwanese fashion.

So, here are some pics from the event brought to you by ESPN Star Sports and Castrol!

Aforementioned high socks :)

Hey, I was warned there would be a best dressed ok!

Here are the fashionably funny hosts of the Castrol Football Crazy event, JD and Adam C!

First matter of the day was them getting everyone to draw for teams!

They didn't look this amused when I got picked for Team C.

I apologized to all my team mates in advance :)

JD getting everyone to pseudo-boogie-warm-up while averting all the attention to me thus me covering my face everytime he said 'Bend over....Now look at Brigette!'

Castrol Girls in their short shorts and boots.

Not that anyone was looking at me ;)

A Panaroma shot of Team A agains Team B.
Spliced people due to no Sports Panaroma function on the Nex-3 :(
Anyhoot, the winning team played my team, Team C, which somehow I ended up Captain.

Tune in TODAY to see me try to kick the penalty shot for my team, 2 pretty girls getting hit in the face and whether it is Adam C or JD who lose their futsal bet and has to clean the winning teams dirty laundry!

Only on ESPN today, first day of Chinese 2011! :)

Episode is on:
3 Feb at 8pm (MYT) on ESPN,
Channel 812 on Astro!

I played one match then spent the rest of the time checking out what everyone was wearing, since I don't often don sports gear! I ran a poll even :)
But that's for my next post on Castrol Football Crazy!
Vernieman's awesome blue and gold gear.

'Like' them on FB here at Castrol Football Crazy!!!

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