Shoot : The Kins Original Collection.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The shoot was done in Ecoba by fashionista/blogshop owner of The Kins, Michelle Ooi.

Michie in action.

With legs like that who wouldn't model for her own collection? ;p

The collection was retro inspired with a lot of Audrey Hepburn worthy dresses and loose flowy bohemian tops!

Michiekins and I all dolled up!
So happy you launched your self designed collection babe:)

Then I began candidly canoodling around waiting for the shoot to start.

A models got to be able to tally up with the photog's vision.
Thus me constantly running to check the shots so I can compensate for the next set :)

Back inside the lounge area...

...clothes were strewn everywhere and not forgetting Michie trademark props.

Actress Lavin Seow behind the scenes.

..and Lina Ooi from behind, also behind the scenes ;)

Lina and my bestie John who played prop holder much to our delight! :)

Until we had to hoard all of them for a group shot!
Was so worried I'd break her vintage suitcase by sitting on it.
Anyhow, here are some of the pics from the shoot!
Lavin Seow, Brigette Liberty and Lina Ooi wearing The Kins.

Brigette Liberty in a plum top holding the bag named after her, The Briekins.
Photographer: Tanes Jit Sawart
Designer: Michelle Ooi

To see full collection visit her blog The Kins
There was a videographer, Nazri, filming that day and here is the behind the scenes video!

Behind the scenes with The KINS from point8cam on Vimeo.

Catch me at 0.53 to see me not whining about glamorous slave labour :)
XOXO Pillowtalkers!

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