AMAE 2010: Catwalking, Commentating and Counting Down!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Years Eve 2010 came but there was no dining and wining for me.

I was to be catwalking and commentating for Astro Arena on the 2nd day of the first "All Martial Arts Exhibition" (AMAE) in line with a live kickboxing match at the Telekomuzium, Kuala Lumpur! :)

Press Release for the media on the event.

So, backstage with the other models from 4pm, we we're getting dolled up for KEY NG's special sportwear inspired runway!

Ms Stefanie Chua looking the most dressed up I've ever seen for pre-show show up.

And Sarah Yap getting her hair done by head hairstylist of Lence Academy.
It was very couture to me but the boys said we looked like poodles.

Shot of the Telekomuzium arena an hour before the event.

I couldn't recognize the usually drab concrete courtyard!

At 8 the place started to fill up and the area was humming with anticipation...

...but backstage it was bustling with last minute dressing and touch ups!

Check out Cassandra who still got time for her BB! Hehe. I too was stuck to my Iphone till standby :P
Internet addicts for sure babe!

*high five*

Sarah and I take our signature shoe shots :)

Click here to see the previous one.

But not till you see the outfits!










(From Left: Amber Chia, Tengku Azura, Sarah Yap, Key Ng, Cassandra Patrick, Brigette Liberty, Nadine Ann Thomas and Kelly Jagan.)

Think Thanuja, Stephanie and Elle Eu were doing touch ups! :(

Anyhow, my hairstyle was different because after the show I had 7 minutes to run off to do this.

Milk the model!

Yes, I had to run off to the commentator box to do the English commentory during the Muay Thai match for Astro Arena, Channel 801, re-runs.

We had all we needed; Live match on a tv screen, recording equipment and water!

Fellow commentator, Raj Aria, getting into the nitty gritty of Muay Thai technique or otherwise known as Tomoi in Malaysia.

A shot of the recognizable voice, Jay Sheldon, as the ring host.

Now he really got the crowd going!

Raj and I having a blast watching the fight get interesting!

Shot from the commentary box of Arthur Tan and Sazzy Falak, the hosts for the event.

Can barely tell she's packing twins in that gorgeous dress.

She didn't buy it whne i told her though :)

So while they man the crowd, Jay, Raj and I sneak a shot so I can show off Key Ng's dress!

Then back to work!

There were 5 rounds per match and 5 matches!

Told the crowd although well read, I was no expert on the sport.

But what I did know was that I loved watching two topless men throw it out old school style ;)

Don't have shots of the match as I was working :(

Anyhow, after the event I went to say hi to Dimple and his friends.

Thanks for coming Jeryl, Marie and Jix!

Glad you guys enjoyed the Muay Thai match.

The ring was empty by then so everyone was climbing in to camwhore :)

I was no exception :)

But Arthur and Jeryl did a better job in the ring though ;p opinion is biased :)

The sponsored booze was upstairs so we headed up for drinks before we hit up all the New Year Countdown parties!

Ending the event and starting the nights with shots!

Arthur! A tad tired too, huh? :)

Went to Changkat to countdown and then to a private Gardens Suite Party after.
Hope everyone had a good New Years, working or not.

XOXO Pillowtalkers!

Will update with more official pics when I get em.
*hint hint Carliff*

Pillowtalk Bolster

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