AD: New Glasses Hunt@Malaya Optical (Pt2)

Monday, January 31, 2011

On the 8th of January, I managed to score a date with these 2 stylish blokes.

Me with pro eye wear stylist and designer to the celebrities, Ryan Ho, and his adorable dad, Mr.Ho!

(The bowtie is his trademark. SUPER♥ !)

I got to meet them during a relaunch of the MALAYA OPTICAL at Damansara Uptown where I was hunting for new statement glasses!

Needless to say, it was a bustling day at the Petaling Jaya flagship store.

And it was like this from early morning!
Celebrities like Amber Chia graced the event pre-MHB (Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers).

Guess everyone who's anyone would need a place to hit up the moment their eyes are in need of a look up and considering MALAYA OPTICAL carries a battalion of designer eyewear brands thus they top the list!

Being shown around by a really enthusiastic Malaya Optical staff, Aniz.
He did all the displays here too!

(Left to Right: W.U.M.F⇔L.T.H.420, Whiteout&Glare, Coppe+Sid)

I was very impressed :)
Always good to see people who take pride in their jobs.

Anyhow, while waiting for the other MHB girls to arrive, I canoodled about the store trying on like Everything.

Scouting for statement glasses is hard when there are so many fashion statements to be made!
Consideration at hand: Retro :))

Anyhow, Ryan gave us an introductory talk on how MALAYA OPTICAL isn't just a 'glasses shop' but an Eye Experience Boutique!

Bloggers listening in to the comprehensive performance enhancing eye examination and screening available at their outlets. They not only are able to do the basic things like check your eye power but can also check for glaucoma and eye degeneration caused by age/diabetes etc.

I so need to get mine checked, as I haven't had a proper check in years :(

And after all the serious talk we were back to fun with a group shot for the MHB girls!
Thanks Ryan :)

Every one of us were given an 'Awards' slip for Eye Enlightenment, I suppose. Hehe.
Now back to statement glasses hunting!

So many brands, so little time!!
From Wolfgang to Moschino, the options are limitless!
Here were a few I that stood out to me.

1. French eyewear brand, Lafont.
Recognizable from their riveted hinges and Paddle Pop variety of colors to pick from!

Perfect for the quirky professionals.
Looks way better on smart cookie Mei Sze than on me though :(

2. Parasite Eyewear.
Known for their futuristic yet functional pieces and their trademark bridge for their prescription glasses.
Geeks out there, I approve ;)

3. Italian eyewear brand, Derapage.

This is one from their Turnado series which has a patented un-welded multilayer frame and is known for it's lightness and indestructibility. Man, I can't believe I'm talking about glasses!

But still, one brand stole my heart...

..with their super statement pieces I've been seaching all over KL for..

4. Italian brand, Coppe+Sid!!

I was totally bummed when I found out I just missed Mr.Gualtiero Coppe himself by mere hours as he also attended the MAYALA OPTICAL event :((((((((((((((((((((((

I'm a huge fan of their cosmopolitan inspired series, you see.

Each one is made after a major city like New York, Tokyo, Paris and even Milan!

And my final bet is on Coppe+Sid Taiwan!

The perfect Italian handmade fashion statement that's originality lies in its subtle details.
I had to reschedule an eye appointment with Ryan Ho because the outlet was mad busy with people wanting to get a professional opinion on their eyes and also a consultation on what would suit their face best.

Start your own eye experience by making an appointment at 03-7728 0228
Aniz booking my one of the only two pieces available.
Was so happy I forgave him for spelling my name wrong :)

Check out more pics from my New Glasses Hunt at Malaya Optical (Pt1).

And 'Like' MALAYA OPTICAL'S Fanpage to keep updated with their latest promo's and eyewear collections!
Happy Eye Enlightenment Monday Pillowtalkers!

Pillowtalk Bolster

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